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China Sourcing Agent Fees: Knowing the Real Costs


Inventory procurement is a tricky process that becomes even more complex if a retailer chooses a Chinese manufacturer. There is a level of expertise required to transact with overseas suppliers. Between the language barrier and the sheer distance, plenty of things could go wrong at any point in the transaction. … Read more

What to Look for in an FBA Sourcing Agent in China


According to Web Retailer, Amazon remains to be the top online marketplace for eCommerce retailers in 2021. On average, 140,000 third-party Amazon sellers clock in more than $100,000 in annual sales. It has become the marketplace of choice for buyers, especially with the introduction of its Fulfillment by Amazon program.  … Read more

7 Mistakes to Avoid When Product Sourcing from China


China’s import and export industry remains strong despite the COVID-19 onslaught in 2020. China exports even grew by 3.6% and were the only country to post positive growth. It continues to be an attractive destination for retailers looking to source inventory for factory pricing. On average, product sourcing from China … Read more

Should You Hire a China Sourcing Agent?


China became the world’s leading trading nation in 2013. Less than ten years ago, this Asian superpower grabbed the top spot from the United States. In 2020, China exported a whopping US$2.591 trillion worth of goods across the globe. They remain to be the leading source for raw materials and … Read more

The 2021 Guide to Getting Import License in China


China has been the world’s top exporter for over a decade. In 2013, the Asian powerhouse became the world’s largest trading nation – finally usurping the United States that held the position for years. While China is the world’s no.1 marketplace, importing goods is as lucrative as exporting Chinese manufactured … Read more

What is Alibaba’s Singles Day?

Reading time: 2min 40s If you’re alone on Valentine’s Day, you may feel like you’re the only one in this world without a partner. But that’s okay; China now has a day that celebrates singled too. The unofficial holiday is named the Single’s Day, and when you look at it, … Read more

Co-packing in Bonded Zones

Reading time:  3 min  What is co-packing?   Scaling production can be costly to firms; thus, co-packing has become increasingly popular. Co-packing is a form of outsourcing; it involves the assembling of a product into its final packaged form by a third-party.  Co-packers are skilled at handling varying stages of the … Read more

Why Ecommerce is Moving to Southeast Asia

Reading time:  1 min 5 sec Rapid growth in the e-commerce sector is driving significant shifts in the global economy.  Nonetheless, this growth is becoming increasingly susceptible to trade tensions between China and the US.   China holds an important role in the global supply chain for manufactured products, which accounts … Read more

What is a Bonded Zone?

Reading time:  2 min 15 sec What is a bonded zone? A bonded zone is an area within a country where there are special trade terms or policies. Generally arrangements for customs duties, import/export duties will differ from normal import/export procedures. For example, foreign goods can enter the region without … Read more

2021 Updated Guide on Shipping from China to US


As more people go online, so does the need for goods and services increase. Shipping from China to US, the second-largest economy in the world, will still be a prime source of manufactured goods. Asian markets will become more dominant as they will make up most of the world’s top … Read more

A Beginner’s Guide to Dealing with Copyright Infringement in China

Most foreign merchants looking to enter the Chinese market are believe that one of the most pressing issues they face when it comes to doing business with or in China is international property rights (IPR) violation. And for good reason: even though China has made “visible progress” regarding IP according … Read more

A Beginner’s Guide to Marketing in China

Whether you’re new to the ecommerce game or are an established player at home, carving out market share in the world’s largest ecommerce market is no easy task. With tens of millions of SKUs on China’s dominating platforms, standing out in is becoming, without a doubt, more and more challenging. … Read more

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