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How to Achieve Supply Chain Resilience


In the business world, resilience is always in demand. Resilient businesses can weather the shocks and stay solid and profitable when facing many challenges. Achieving supply chain resilience is essential for any business looking to stay competitive in today’s economy. The recent COVID-19 pandemic reinforced an undeniable business reality:  it … Read more

What are Backorders?


The eCommerce industry has grown significantly over the last few years. More consumers are shopping online, and more retailers are maximizing their online eCommerce presence. The growth within the industry changes consumer behavior in meaningful ways and vice versa. eCommerce patrons have more options and information available today and, as … Read more

The Rise of Contactless Shopping This Holiday Season


What is Contactless Shopping?  2020 has been a life-changing year. The COVID-19 pandemic is undeniably the year’s most significant driver of change, disrupting the way people socialize to the way they shop. Even as businesses start to reopen, health and safety remain to be a top priority. Thus, normalizing the … Read more

The Basics of Inventory Accounting (Updated 2021)

inventory accounting

Inventory is one of the essential facets of the global economy. Contrary to popular belief, inventory isn’t merely the items that a company has on hand and are ready to be sold. It is a form of a business asset that can affect cash flow, production cost, and overall profitability.  … Read more

The Ultimate VAT Guide for Ecommerce Retailers in Europe

Reading time:  3 min 45s  The Ultimate VAT Guide for Ecommerce Retailers in Europe The EU is a massive market for retail sales. But ecommerce retailers have to understand the basics of EU VAT rules along with applicable VAT on online sales when selling into Europe. This is important to … Read more

The 2021 Guide to Getting Import License in China


China has been the world’s top exporter for over a decade. In 2013, the Asian powerhouse became the world’s largest trading nation – finally usurping the United States that held the position for years. While China is the world’s no.1 marketplace, importing goods is as lucrative as exporting Chinese manufactured … Read more

The Definitive Guide to Self Order Fulfillment

Reading time:  3 min 15 secs  Your -commerce business success will depend on how well you’re able to handle all of the responsibilities involved. A lot will be required, from manufacturing or sourcing your products to effective branding and marketing, shipping and logistics, customer service, and more. There’s a lot … Read more

Fulfillment Center vs. Warehouse: Which is Right for Your eCommerce Business?


When it comes to eCommerce shipping, the terms “fulfillment center” and “warehouse” are often interchanged and assumed to be the same. While both do share similarities, when broken down to specifics, they have their differences in terms of use cases, services, and operations.  How Does a Fulfillment Center Differ from … Read more

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