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Amazon Seller Insurance Requirements


Amazon is one of the best ways to reach more customers. With over 25% of retailers earning more than $25,000 every month on the no.1 global marketplace, it’s not surprising that many retailers want to do business there. But while lucrative, there are some very unique challenges with maintaining a … Read more

All FBA Fee Changes That Happened in 2021 (so far)


With over 190 million monthly buyers, Amazon has helped millions of retailers expand their reach and cater to a broader clientele. The marketplace allows retailers to sell globally – a near-impossible feat, especially for smaller operations. Aside from these benefits, Amazon also offers logistics solutions for sellers through their FBA … Read more

Amazon FBA versus FBM: Which One is Right for Your Business?


It’s common knowledge that consumer behaviors changed significantly following the 2020 health crisis. More people over the last year turned to eCommerce for their shopping needs. This shift is the new normal, and this trend is a blessing and a challenge. Putting up an online store doesn’t have the overhead … Read more

The Importance of Shipment Tracking in Customer Experience


Offering quality products is essential in eCommerce. However, the last few years saw a shift in customer priorities. Consumers nowadays heavily consider their overall experience purchasing from a brand more than the product or service itself. Eighty-six percent (86%) of consumers are willing to pay more for an item from … Read more

What are Backorders?


The eCommerce industry has grown significantly over the last few years. More consumers are shopping online, and more retailers are maximizing their online eCommerce presence. The growth within the industry changes consumer behavior in meaningful ways and vice versa. eCommerce patrons have more options and information available today and, as … Read more

Amazon FBA Prep Requirements


Amazon remains to be the top eCommerce marketplace across the globe. On average, the eCommerce powerhouse ships approximately 1.6 million packages a day. That comes to 18.5 orders every second. Amazon perfected its logistics process to accommodate millions of packages that go through its multiple fulfillment centers daily. With the … Read more

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