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4 Ways to Reduce Your Reverse Logistics Costs

Typically, we associate it with delivering products to our customers. However, one crucial component of effective logistics is returning goods. It’s a resource-intensive process, returning items from end users to the producer or warehouse. Using reverse logistics, businesses can recover value from items transported incorrectly or in poor condition. In … Read more

Is Robotics in Logistics the Future?

robotics in logistics

Choose your item, put it in your cart, pay, and watch for your package to arrive. For customers, the online shopping process should be simple and easy. But since the eCommerce boom, the logistical challenge of delivering things to a home or business has become even more intricate behind the … Read more

What is On-Demand Delivery?

In the realm of eCommerce, customer choice is the name of the game. Buyers expect wide product selections, flexible payment methods, and numerous shipping methods when shopping online. The market for on-demand delivery is expanding rapidly. The increasing use of online websites and application-based digital platforms contributes to this growth. … Read more

Elastic Logistics: Definition and Benefits


Modern eCommerce supply chains constantly look for sustainable and agile processes to meet growing consumer demand. Over the past years, many online merchants have become more familiar with “lean” supply chains. Businesses need to be flexible and responsive to constant market fluctuations. With the help of logistics technology, more online … Read more

Four Trends in Logistics to Watch Out for in 2024


The logistics and supply chain landscape continues to evolve, sometimes rather drastically, due to prevailing socio, political and economic upheavals. According to a CNBC survey, over half of logistics managers don’t think the supply chain will return to normal until 2024.  Yet, despite the wave of disruptions, our industry continues … Read more

Your Complete Guide to Cold Chain Logistics


Over the past few years, the expansion of global trade and eCommerce has led to numerous improvements and evolutions in business practices. More entrepreneurs are constantly upgrading their infrastructure and tools for product storage and transportation. The growth of international markets and supply chains has directly impacted the development of … Read more

5 Ways to Sustainable Logistics


Imagine a customer purchasing an entire outfit from an online marketplace, from the shirt down to the socks. They receive multiple tracking numbers for their packages set to be delivered at various times on different days. The speed at which large supply chains operate impresses the customer. However, the costs … Read more

How Does Zone Skipping Work as a Logistics Strategy?


One of the most significant issues eCommerce companies face is the high expense of cross-country transportation. It takes carriers a lot of time to sort, cross-dock, and off-load to distribution hubs. Items are then re-loaded onto trucks for the next leg of the transportation route. Due to this lengthy process, … Read more

Landed Costs: Formula and Facts You Should Know


The business world has seen a tremendous transformation in the past two years. Shopping experiences, formerly local, have quickly become global, thanks to the internet. Back then,  your options were limited to what your local businesses carried. Today, you can access online marketplaces anywhere and buy almost anything. The cost … Read more

Logistics Planning: What It Is and Why You Need It


A strong foundation of any business, logistics handles many things. Most importantly, its primary responsibility is to ensure that the correct items go to the right places at the right time.  You’ll need to undergo logistics planning to build a robust logistics operation. Effective logistics planning and strategy are essential … Read more

The Benefits and Challenges of e-Logistics


With the rapid growth of eCommerce and online shopping, its logistics have to evolve and undergo a digital transformation. Globally, the rapid growth of eCommerce shows both the future of retail and the new opportunities it presents. Logistics companies have created and adapted e-Logistics. However, what precisely is eLogistics, and … Read more

5 Benefits of Delivery Route Planning


You may have observed how shipping routes affect overall efficiency and production if you distribute goods.  Planning a logistics route well can make a huge difference for your company. One of the key elements in guaranteeing seamless, secure, and punctual delivery is route planning and optimization. Additionally, it contributes to … Read more

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