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Increasing Efficiency through Warehouse Automation


There is growing pressure to upgrade and transform logistics as digitalization and automation sweep the eCommerce industry.  Scale capability, greater flexibility, reliable automation, increased efficiency, and lower costs are retail businesses’ top priorities. As a result, many online merchants are looking for practical ways to use automation, intelligence, and unmanned … Read more

The Pros and Cons of Zone Picking


Productivity and fulfillment accuracy are key performance metrics in today’s modern distribution facilities. Knowing the proper order or, more critically, choosing the right products becomes a crucial factor in your company’s overall productivity. Your warehouse operations can determine the efficiency of your entire supply chain. Therefore, optimizing every warehouse management … Read more

Top 5 Warehouse KPIs to Measure in 2023


Thanks to new and potent data analytics technologies, warehouse operators and supply chain managers can access more data than ever. Business owners gain a complete understanding of operations with deep analysis and warehouse KPIs. It’s easier to track where expenditures are and where investments are needed. It can also tell … Read more

What is On-Demand Warehousing?


There are many moving parts in an eCommerce company’s operation.  Supply chain management is hardly the first thing that comes into mind when considering an eCommerce business. However, it is an essential piece of the puzzle that impacts everything from customer deliveries to inventory management. On-demand warehousing has highlighted how … Read more

4 Ways to Optimize Your Warehouse Receiving Process


Warehouse receiving is almost always the first step in the eCommerce fulfillment process. Therefore it must go smoothly and accurately. This process includes delivering, unloading, and putting items away in the warehouse or fulfillment facility.  Since receiving is a crucial component of the entire retail supply chain, it must be … Read more

4 Warehouse Optimization Tips for a More Efficient Order Fulfillment Process


Warehouses are a vital part of retail business, but they can be especially critical for online merchants to manage and fulfill orders efficiently.  This article discusses optimizing your warehouse’s operations and improving the fulfillment process. Business owners should be pretty familiar with the difficulties of managing a warehouse effectively. It … Read more

How to Make Logistics More Efficient through Digital Warehousing


Digital warehousing is becoming increasingly popular with online retailers, and for a good reason. By digitizing their inventory, these businesses can streamline their logistics and make them more efficient.  In traditional warehousing, tasks such as inventory control and stock organization get done manually. Errors occur from time to time, and … Read more

The Complete Warehouse Equipment Checklist: Things to Consider When Choosing a Warehousing Provider


In today’s dynamic eCommerce climate, warehousing involves more than having ample space for inventory storage. The right warehousing partner can significantly optimize the entire supply chain process. To run smoothly, most facilities have a warehouse equipment checklist that outlines equipment requirements necessary to manage a successful warehouse operation.  A warehouse … Read more

What is a Smart Warehouse?

smart warehouse

Technology is essential and an inescapable part of running a business. Digitizing organizational operations, making technology, and commerce mesh together are all needed to scale a successful company. Prevailing global conditions have not dampened interest in digital transformation. In actuality, It has driven it. Between 2020 and 2023, direct investments … Read more

8 Signs it’s Time to Switch from In-House Fulfillment to Outsourced Fulfillment


Every scaling eCommerce business will be at a crossroad, deciding whether to continue doing in-house fulfillment or outsourcing it to 3PLs.    Between keeping eCommerce shipping costs low and ensuring order deliveries’ promptness, eCommerce order fulfillment involves plenty of moving parts. If something goes awry at one point, the entire process … Read more

Distributed Inventory: 4 Benefits of Using Multiple Fulfillment Centers


What is Distributed Inventory? Distributed Inventory is an eCommerce fulfillment strategy that involves outsourcing to a single 3PL provider with multiple distribution centers. When a customer places an order online, the seller’s 3PL partner taps its warehouse that has the closest proximity to the buyer to handle product delivery.  Partnering … Read more

Warehouse Management System: How Zhenhub’s WMS Can Help Your Business


As the internet transformed the way people purchase, businesses also need to adapt and meet changing customer expectations. The constant evolution in eCommerce is exactly how innovations like tech-powered fulfillment solutions came to be. One prime example of this is the warehouse management system (WMS). What is a warehouse management … Read more

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