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Are You Packing and Shipping Electronics the Right Way?


eCommerce has yet to surpass brick-and-mortar retailer establishments. However, the pandemic completely changed consumer behaviors. Since we all needed to stay indoors to keep safe, online establishments were a godsend.  According to a report, retail e-commerce sales reached US$ 4.9 trillion worldwide. It’s expected to grow by 50% over … Read more

How Shopify Shipping Works


Shipping and logistics may be tedious, but it is crucial to running an eCommerce business. Online retailers must find a logistics process that strikes a balance between affordable shipping rates and reliable delivery times. As an operation grows, shipping becomes even more expensive and time-consuming.  Thankfully, sellers that use the … Read more

How to Reduce International Shipping Costs in 2022


eCommerce is one of the greatest innovations of the 21st century. The industry has shattered geographical borders, making the world smaller and more accessible. For the first time in history, consumers have access to products that were previously out of their reach. Distance or country of origin is no hindrance … Read more

What is Ground Shipping?


Shipping and delivery are the backbones of the eCommerce industry. Having an efficient shipping process is at the core of online shopping convenience. However, shipping is costly. In fact, it is the most expensive part of the logistics supply chain for most retailers, as over 50% of logistics costs go … Read more

The Importance of Shipment Tracking in Customer Experience


Offering quality products is essential in eCommerce. However, the last few years saw a shift in customer priorities. Consumers nowadays heavily consider their overall experience purchasing from a brand more than the product or service itself. Eighty-six percent (86%) of consumers are willing to pay more for an item from … Read more

Shipping Insurance: Do You Need It?


Shipping goods around the globe has its inherent risks. Between losing parcels due to theft, unforeseen incidents, and damaged packages, shipping issues can be expensive for most eCommerce retailers. Aside from the cost of replacing the goods and making up for the delays, damaged freight can considerably impact customer satisfaction … Read more

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