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Your Ultimate Cheat Sheet to 11 Essential Shipping Documents


One of the most crucial—yet challenging—aspects of managing an eCommerce business is shipping. Most online merchants focus on the expenses and potential challenges of shipping their clients’ purchases. But, ensuring that the proper documentation accompanies all customer orders is equally essential. Failing to provide the appropriate shipping documents can lead … Read more

The Importance of Cybersecurity in Logistics


Modern logistics deeply depends on digital tools and communication infrastructure to increase productivity and optimize processes. These technologies allow online merchants to easily monitor shipments, interact with customers and partners, and obtain crucial sales data. However, this reliance on technology makes systems more susceptible to cyberattacks. These can have detrimental … Read more

How to Avoid Black Friday Shipping Delays


Black Friday is famously known as the “Biggest Shopping Day of the Year.” Originally observed on the day after Thanksgiving in the US, it is now “celebrated” worldwide.  There’s also Cyber Monday, which we will get to later. These “global” holidays are one of the most important shopping days, and … Read more

An Overview of eCommerce and Logistics in Malaysia


Over the past few years, the Malaysian eCommerce market has undergone a remarkable transformation. With an estimated GDP of 10.19 billion USD in 2023, it is one of the fastest-rising economies in Southeast Asia. This exponential growth can be attributed to the nation’s high number of active internet and social … Read more

Shipping from Japan: Your Most-Asked Questions, Answered


Japan is home to some of the world’s most unique products, from food to electronics and even handicrafts. Consumers love to buy Japanese products, but shipping from the country can be complex and challenging. This fact is especially true for merchants who want to reach international customers. There are many … Read more

Understanding the Cold Chain Management Process


Restaurants need their ingredients fresh to serve delicious dishes. Vaccines have to be chilled for them to work effectively. Nobody wants to receive a bouquet of wilted flowers. These items, from food, vaccinations, fresh flowers, and more, have one thing in common. They must be transported chilled to reach you … Read more

The Importance of Middle Mile Logistics in eCommerce


Delivery is essential to any eCommerce operation. Transporting items from a warehouse or fulfillment center to retail requires middle-mile transportation. It is the focal point of the delivery process, as its name implies. The other delivery segments are the first mile (transport from the manufacturer to the warehouse) and the … Read more

Guide to Shipping Fragile Items


Opening a long-awaited delivery and discovering your order is broken or damaged is one of the worst customer experiences. It’s one of the risks involved in online shopping, and it’s a situation both buyers and sellers would like to avoid. Although some things are beyond our control, you’ll need to … Read more

Everything You Need to Know About Shipping to Thailand


Expanding your eCommerce operations into Thailand opens up many exciting business opportunities. In 2021, Thailand’s eCommerce generated $8.5 billion in revenues. Every year, eCommerce in Thailand grows, and new businesses are forming. Statista projects the local eCommerce market value to be $20.90bn by the end of 2023. Online platforms are … Read more

What is DDP Shipping (Delivery Duty Paid Shipping)?


There are billions of consumers worldwide, providing an excellent opportunity to expand your firm. But in cross-border transactions, consumers’ top two concerns were exorbitant shipping costs (51%) and long delivery times (47%). Interestingly, these are two of the customers’ top three arguments for abandoning their carts. There are several factors … Read more

Everything You Need to Know About Shipping to the Philippines

shipping to the philippines

There is an incredible business opportunity to invest in the Philippine eCommerce sector. Almost 86% of Filipinos use the internet to purchase through local eCommerce apps – that’s enough reason to start thinking about shipping to the Philippines. Additionally, there is a market for cross-border eCommerce because of the nation’s … Read more

Five Benefits of Foreign Trade Zones


eCommerce companies constantly search for ways to reduce costs and optimize operational efficiency. The fast-paced online shopping industry is growing every day with high customer expectations. Many multinational companies are taking advantage of using foreign trade zones (FTZ).  Foreign Trade Zones (FTZs) are designated areas close to U.S. ports of … Read more

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