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Navigating Regulatory Compliance in International Shipping


Understanding international shipping laws is essential for companies involved in import and export operations. It’s necessary to succeed in the increasingly globalized world of commerce. These laws uphold safety standards, safeguard national interests, and advance fair trade practices. These regulations facilitate goods’ seamless and lawful flow across international boundaries and … Read more

The Challenges of Moving Supply Chains from China to Southeast Asia/South Asia

Reading time:  4 min 15s  Over the past two decades, China has gone on to expand its economy and become very sophisticated and integrated into global supply chains. Right now though, it appears there’s a global ‘over-dependence’ on China for manufacturing and many businesses are considering reallocation of production units … Read more

5 Signs It’s Time to Switch 3PL Providers


3PL Providers: Who They Are and What They Do The order volume of start-up eCommerce businesses is often low, making it easily manageable through self-order fulfillment. On the other hand, scaling online stores often find it much more efficient to outsource the complete order fulfillment process to third-party logistics companies … Read more

8 Tips for Preparing your Business for Brexit

Reading time:  3 min 7s  The EU recently reached an agreement to extend the Brexit deadline to 31 January 2020. For the businesses importing or exporting to the UK or EU, specific changes can be expected. But you don’t have to wait until the disruption finally occurs. To avoid disruptions … Read more

How will the Coronavirus Outbreak Impact the Global Supply Chain?

Reading time:  3 min 45s  China plays a key role in the global supply chain. Its place as a manufacturing hub means that businesses across the world and most especially, ecommerce and retail businesses are heavily reliant on it for their operations. What then happens when a global health crisis … Read more

How to Calculate Taxes for Importing in UK | Updated 2020

Reading time:  3 min 11s  How to Calculate Taxes and Duties for Importing Into UK   E-commerce businesses and other individuals shipping goods into the UK should be clear about their taxes and duties liabilities. Although the thought of this tends to drive a lot of people crazy, calculating the … Read more

HS and HTS Codes: A Brief Overview

Reading time:  3 min 21s  E-commerce business transactions tend to involve international shipments. But the goods being shipped across international borders need to be correctly identified and classified by the customs authority. This is why one needs to understand the HS and HTS codes as they play a significant role … Read more

Import Duty and How It Affects eCommerce Shipping (Updated 2020)


What is Import Duty? Whenever goods move across international borders, the importing country (or the country receiving the goods) charges the importer a tax as a means to earn revenue and protect local industries from foreign competition. Sometimes, the exporting country (the country sending the goods) may also charge the … Read more

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