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Supplier Collaboration: Driving Lead Time Reduction


Online and traditional businesses worldwide depend on global supply chains. This network of producers and distributors enables a more cost-effective method of sourcing materials and product manufacturing. However, working with these entities across different countries presents several unique challenges. Communicating with the appropriate stakeholders within the supply chain may be … Read more

Lean Manufacturing: What It Is and How It Disrupted the Global Supply Chain


Lean manufacturing is considered a practical production philosophy aimed at minimizing waste and increasing production. It has been a boon for most companies in the past, but the pandemic turned it into a hindrance to business recovery. It has even significantly contributed to the global supply chain crisis.  The benefits … Read more

How will the Coronavirus Outbreak Impact the Global Supply Chain?

Reading time:  3 min 45s  China plays a key role in the global supply chain. Its place as a manufacturing hub means that businesses across the world and most especially, ecommerce and retail businesses are heavily reliant on it for their operations. What then happens when a global health crisis … Read more

HS and HTS Codes: A Brief Overview

Reading time:  3 min 21s  E-commerce business transactions tend to involve international shipments. But the goods being shipped across international borders need to be correctly identified and classified by the customs authority. This is why one needs to understand the HS and HTS codes as they play a significant role … Read more

The Advantages of Flat Rate Shipping

Reading time:  1 min  The Advantages of the USPS Flat Rate Shipping What is flat rate shipping? Flat rate shipping means the price of shipping is not connected to the weight, shape, or size of the shipped item. Rather, it is based on how much you can fill into the … Read more

Co-packing in Bonded Zones

Reading time:  3 min  What is co-packing?   Scaling production can be costly to firms; thus, co-packing has become increasingly popular. Co-packing is a form of outsourcing; it involves the assembling of a product into its final packaged form by a third-party.  Co-packers are skilled at handling varying stages of the … Read more

Guest Post – 5 Things Importers Must Know About Product Safety

Reading time: 4 min 37 sec We are very happy to invite Fredrik Gronkvist from Chinaimportal to write a post for our blog and  to help all businesses that are manufacturing their products in China and shipping them to the world. What are some of the potential potholes or issues … Read more

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