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Amazon FBA Prep Requirements


Amazon remains to be the top eCommerce marketplace across the globe. On average, the eCommerce powerhouse ships approximately 1.6 million packages a day. That comes to 18.5 orders every second. Amazon perfected its logistics process to accommodate millions of packages that go through its multiple fulfillment centers daily. With the … Read more

Amazon FBA Product Sourcing: What It Is and How to Do It Right


Product sourcing plays a crucial role in successfully selling on Amazon. Currently, there are over 2 million active sellers on the marketplace, making competition fierce. Often, a retailer’s success depends on sourcing reasonably-priced quality products. By securing lower inventory costs, business owners can pass on the savings to the consumer … Read more

Amazon Seller Guide (2021 Update)


Amazon continues to be the top marketplace globally, with more than 300 million active buyers on the website and 1,029,528 new third-party sellers in 2020 alone. While it is a behemoth in the eCommerce industry, Amazon makes space for smaller online businesses to thrive on their platform. They have various … Read more

What is a Product Sourcing Agent?

product sourcing agent

Product procurement is a crucial eCommerce store process. That’s why it’s essential to locate inventory at a friendly price from reliable suppliers. But for new retailers, Inventory sourcing alone can get complex. As for most parts of the supply chain, getting the help of specialists can help secure items. A … Read more

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