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Customs Duty De Minimis Values by Country 2024


It takes a lot of preparation to ship your items overseas, and calculating overseas shipping costs requires thorough planning. Online merchants will need a comprehensive understanding of international trade agreements, customs charges, and product categorization. Some eCommerce firms can potentially overlook the “de minimis” value. Many business people need clarification … Read more

All You Need to Know About Reorder Point


When your company sells inventory, one crucial decision is when to place new orders with your suppliers. Trying to avoid running out of stock while minimizing excesses is a reasonably common eCommerce challenge. This is a challenge that mom-and-pop stores, enormous groceries, and internet shops deal with. A systematic approach … Read more

The 3 Order Fulfillment Strategies: Which One is Right for You?


Order fulfillment is a crucial component of every successful eCommerce company. It is an essential logistics component because it focuses on delivering your product where it needs to be: in the hands of your customers. Products must be delivered as quickly, cheaply, and efficiently as possible. It’s critical for developing … Read more

The Stages and Steps that Make an Effective Procurement Process


A vital component of any successful eCommerce business is having the right procurement strategy.  A company must regularly acquire the necessary resources for its operations to continue and for a brand to grow.  Streamlined workflows and tighter supply chain management leverage product development, strengthen business relationships and provide new opportunities. … Read more

Why You Should Outsource to a Fulfillment Center in Los Angeles


The need to outsource order fulfillment to a third-party logistics (3PL) service doesn’t fall into place in the scheme of things immediately. Small eCommerce businesses can easily handle their order fulfillment requirements, but as they grow, challenges arise. When you think of Los Angeles, Hollywood stars, movies, and beaches immediately … Read more

Minimum Order Quantity: Explained


To run a successful business, having the right amount of inventory is essential. While you must satisfy demand, you don’t want to keep goods you can’t sell. In an ideal scenario, you request reorders on a set schedule and in amounts you created to satisfy client needs. But making those … Read more

Five Advantages of Distributed Order Management


Retailers face new challenges as direct-to-consumer (D2C) sales rise and adapt to new technologies to meet customers’ constantly evolving expectations. Retailers are seeing a greater need for cutting-edge order management solutions like distributed order management (DOM) to keep up with multichannel, drop shipping, and other sophisticated D2C distribution models. Many … Read more

4 Steps to Successful WMS Implementation and Adoption


A  warehouse management system (WMS) for your businesses can streamline your operations and improve your bottom line. But what are the steps to a successful WMS implementation? Here we will outline the key factors you need to consider when planning and executing your WMS rollout. To remain competitive, modern retailers … Read more

Why You Should Measure Your Fill Rate


Customer satisfaction is one of the best ways to measure business success. Providing customers with positive experiences is a great method to increase your bottom line. For online retailers, this ensures that your inventory can meet customer demand. Enter fill rate (FR), a crucial supply chain KPI that all online … Read more

Everything You Need to Know About Robotics in Warehousing


The technology powering warehouses is becoming quicker, more robust,, and smarter. Advancements like barcode scanners, direct fulfillment centers, and warehouse management systems have significantly increased the productivity of warehouse personnel.  Global retail and logistics are undergoing radical changes due to eCommerce growth.  To keep up with global supply chain issues, … Read more

What is Order Accuracy and Why You Should Care About It?


Fulfillment is one of the most crucial aspects of eCommerce operations. Making sure your products go out to your customers properly can spell the difference between a repeat buyer and a bad experience. Having strong logistics operations has been critical over the past two years. With COVID-19 delaying and crippling … Read more

On-Demand Fulfillment: The Agility Strategy


The warehousing and fulfillment industry has seen the most demand in recent years, thanks to the exponential growth of eCommerce sales. Increased interest in these services that were not present before has opened up many business opportunities. The COVID-19 pandemic is directly responsible for the past two years’ eCommerce and … Read more

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