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Customs Duty De Minimis Values by Country 2024


It takes a lot of preparation to ship your items overseas, and calculating overseas shipping costs requires thorough planning. Online merchants will need a comprehensive understanding of international trade agreements, customs charges, and product categorization. Some eCommerce firms can potentially overlook the “de minimis” value. Many business people need clarification … Read more

A Look at the Philippine Shipping Industry


The Philippines is an archipelago of over 7,000 islands, with shipping as the primary mode of inter-island transportation. This translates to the Philippine shipping industry and transportation sector as crucial to the nation’s development because they deliver domestic goods and ferry people across numerous islands. Barges, in particular, are heavily … Read more

Are We Going Into Freight Recession?


The trucking market is on a downside trend, with some experts warning of an impending freight recession. This article will discuss what a freight recession would mean for businesses and logistics companies and how they can prepare for it. The freight sector is predicting economic growth will slow down soon.  … Read more

Notable Product Shortages in 2022


News headlines report more product shortages in stores and markets, and even essential commodities are getting more scarce. Learn why there are shortages and how it’s affecting customers and businesses. Notable Product Shortages in 2022 Major Factors behind Product Shortages The Impact of Product Shortages As the world slowly recovers … Read more

How the Semiconductor Supply Chain is Affected by the Global Chip Shortage


As the supply chain crisis continues to hound global economies, the semiconductor chip sector is one of the industries impacted by this. A massive shortage in the semiconductor supply chain has affected many industries, including electronics and automotive.  These semiconductor chips, or microchips, are essential pieces of many digital consumer … Read more

The Shipping Container Shortage Explained


Shipping containers are essential to global trade. Without these metal stackable storage systems, all goods and products won’t reach their destinations. But what happens when there’s not enough of them to go around? That’s the current situation- the shipping container shortage that businesses and traders face, causing shipping delays and … Read more

A 2022 Guide to the Global Supply Chain Crisis


It’s the second quarter of 2022, and the supply chain crisis continues to buckle under the strain of the continuing pandemic, geopolitical conflict, and economic uncertainty. Shortages have defined the struggles of businesses during the last two years. Because of hoarding and panic buying, stores didn’t have enough inventory to … Read more

Understanding the Ukraine Russian War from a Supply Chain Perspective


Global supply chains are almost stretched to their limit, and unfortunately, 2022 isn’t letting up. As port congestion and the COVID-19 pandemic continue to hammer businesses and industries, the road to recovery seems long and hard. But the world was on its way to a better year. But before February … Read more

Port Congestion in 2022: What’s Happening and How is it Affecting Businesses?


The emergence of COVID-19 and its impact on the global economy is still felt two years after its discovery. While its human cost isn’t as devastating as the 1918 Spanish flu, COVID 19 is the new millennium’s first genuinely global pandemic. Most sectors had to pivot operations to adapt to … Read more

USPS Rate Changes 2022: What You Need to Know


Shipping and logistics play a crucial role in running an eCommerce business. It is the backbone of the industry and most consumers shop online for the sheer convenience of getting orders delivered to their doorsteps. Since it is the foundation of an eCommerce operation,  transportation expenses take the biggest chunk … Read more

How the Global Computer Chip Shortage Affects Sellers and Consumers


Technology advanced exponentially over the last few decades. Twenty years ago, the idea of a phone with a camera and access to 40 zettabytes of data through the internet seemed like science fiction. Today, almost 10 billion people across the globe have access to this technology.  Even mundane items like … Read more

Will Global Shipping Rates Continue to Rise in 2022?


It has been two years since COVID-19 threw the world for a loop. The crisis significantly impacted global economies and the way people lived. It is safe to say that the pandemic has ushered in a new normal. Arguably, these changes significantly impacted consumer behavior.  Over the last two years, … Read more

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