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What is Multichannel Inventory Management?


To meet customer expectations, brands must maintain constant contact with their customers across various online platforms. Clients are looking for convenience when shopping online. Hence, companies should deliver a seamless experience across all their sales channels. Inventory mismanagement costs businesses $1.75 trillion annually. And the probability of errors only rises … Read more

How to Calculate Ending Inventory


Businesses of all kinds, retail or online eCommerce, will have come across the term-ending inventory. Learning how to calculate it is practically a requirement to be successful.   By reading through this article, determine how much saleable stock you have left to sell after a specific accounting period. Knowing your ending … Read more

5 Ways Demand Management Can Help You Cut Costs


Businesses are always looking for ways to cut down on their costs. Whether it’s sourcing from new suppliers or reducing their delivery times, there are many ways an entrepreneur can raise their bottom line- one of which is demand management. With the rise of eCommerce, more businesses now use digital … Read more

3 Ways to Effectively Manage In-Transit Inventory


More than 2 billion people purchased goods online in 2020. As more people depend on eCommerce, those numbers will have significantly increased. Today, inventory is one of the biggest challenges for online sellers. Companies need to keep track of what’s in stock and plan what’s coming in and going out. … Read more

Everything You Need to Know About Inventory Tags


Consumer behavior has changed considerably over the past few years. The pandemic has shifted them towards online consumption, and they expect great buying experiences. Consumers now have a plethora of choices, it isn’t surprising how easy it is for them to abandon one brand in favor of the next. Customer … Read more

What is Inventory Forecasting and How Will It Help Your Business?


eCommerce is a highly competitive industry. The sector now has more than 12 – 24 million across the globe, following the eCommerce boom of 2020. Online sellers need to stand out strategically from the pack with many competitors. Companies can no longer afford to employ guesswork for their operation. This … Read more

Amazon FBA Inventory Storage Limit 2021


Amazon remains incredibly helpful for smaller and medium businesses competing on a global stage. The marketplace has allowed them to broaden their market reach and increase profit margins. But Amazon is notorious for throwing its sellers for a loop with constant updates and changes on their policies.  The platform recently … Read more

What are Backorders?


The eCommerce industry has grown significantly over the last few years. More consumers are shopping online, and more retailers are maximizing their online eCommerce presence. The growth within the industry changes consumer behavior in meaningful ways and vice versa. eCommerce patrons have more options and information available today and, as … Read more

Just-in-Time Inventory (JIT): Everything You Need to Know


eCommerce will get bigger and bigger. More than 3 billion packages got delivered during the 2020 holidays, and billions of people made online transactions for several years. While these numbers are good for the global economy, it does pose several challenges, one of which is inventory management.  That’s why it’s … Read more

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