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Your Ultimate Cheat Sheet to 11 Essential Shipping Documents


One of the most crucial—yet challenging—aspects of managing an eCommerce business is shipping. Most online merchants focus on the expenses and potential challenges of shipping their clients’ purchases. But, ensuring that the proper documentation accompanies all customer orders is equally essential. Failing to provide the appropriate shipping documents can lead … Read more

What is Green Logistics?


Green logistics is more than just a talking point among industry leaders. Modern consumers increasingly favor companies and merchants striving to lessen their environmental impact.  According to the 2022 IBM Research Insights report, about 4 out of 5 buyers mention sustainability, health, and wellness when selecting a brand. Businesses are … Read more

What are Accessorial Charges?


If you’ve ever received an itemized quote from a transportation company, you’ve probably encountered a few surcharges you’ve never heard of. Like any trade, transportation has its share of industry-specific jargon that you may or may need to become more familiar with. Discovering unexpected charges on a freight invoice can … Read more

A Comprehensive Comparison Between China and U.S. Bonded Warehouses


In international shipping, warehouses are vital for businesses to succeed. Bonded warehouses are specialized storage solutions for specific enterprises.  This article compares and contrasts the bonded warehouses in China and the United States. You’ll understand the benefits and drawbacks of each type so you can make an informed decision on … Read more

Preparing for Holiday Shipping and Shopping Season 2022


We’re in the last six months of 2022, and the holiday shipping and shopping season are just around the corner. Not only is it a time for celebration and spending time with family and friends, but it also represents a great opportunity for merchants. This article will discuss tips for … Read more

Cargo Ship Delays in 2022


Once considered a mortal sin in eCommerce, shipping delays are now part of the new norm. Supply chain crisis” has become a buzzword; even high schoolers mention it now. What factors have led to cargo ship delays in 2022 and what can your businesses do to adjust. Every merchant knows … Read more

5 Ways to Improve eCommerce Customer Experience


A great customer journey is integral in a retail operation, especially in eCommerce. When they go through your store and buy your products, they need to have a great experience even after the purchase.  If they don’t get a great experience, customers will go somewhere else if it’s not enjoyable … Read more

Lost Packages: Is it the Buyer’s or the Seller’s Responsibility?


While running a successful eCommerce business is lucrative, retailers need to contend with many uncertain variables and scenarios. Inventory prices and global shipping rates fluctuate, and product demand could be just as finicky. Most small and medium retailers are still trying to find their bearings within the sector.  One of … Read more

5 Benefits of Using an Automated Inventory Management System


Inventory management is one of the most significant pain points for most eCommerce retailers. Contrary to popular belief, inventory management entails just receiving products and stocking shelves. An efficient, well-built automated inventory management system can revolutionize the way a company operates.  There are plenty of ways to go about inventory … Read more

The Continuous Rise of Long-Term Ocean Freight Rates


The 2020 COVID-19 crisis, aka the global pandemic, disrupted all industries. It created a worldwide domino of events that ushered in the new normal for better or worse. As the world slowly adapts to this new world reality, we see more disruptions brought to the fore. The global pandemic has … Read more

Internet Sales Tax Rates by State 2022 Update

Consumer behaviors changed over the last two years. With more people at home, the pandemic bolstered retail sales exponentially. It resulted in an unprecedented double-digit increase in sales tax revenue across multiple states.  Twenty-seven US states reported an average of 20% increase in their sales tax revenue in 2020. Experts … Read more

Amazon Repricing Strategies All Sellers Need to Know


According to studies, product price is the top consumer consideration when making a purchase decision. Eighty-six percent (86%) of shoppers would willingly compare prices for the same product from different sellers to get the best deals. Most sellers assume that offering a product for the lowest price is the best … Read more

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