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5 Questions About Dimensional Weight, Answered


What is Dimensional Weight? Before we get to that, imagine this: consider a two-kilogram laptop and a two-kilogram bag of cotton. Both weigh two kilograms, yet it costs more to ship the bag of cotton than the laptop. Why is that? For freight forwarders, charging for shipping according to the actual … Read more

5 Benefits of Direct Injection Shipping (Updated 2020)

Benefits of Direct Injection Shipping

Local merchants today demand faster and cheaper eCommerce shipping and delivery that is also trackable.  In response, the logistics industry introduced a supply chain model that can reduce logistics costs without affecting timeframe: Direct Injection Shipping. What is Direct Injection Shipping? Direct Injection Shipping is a supply chain model where … Read more

The 2020 Beginner’s Guide to eCommerce Shipping


What is eCommerce Shipping? eCommerce shipping are delivery services employed by online merchants who sell products and goods over the internet to both local and/or international customers. As online businesses continue to grow and advance at an incredible speed, eCommerce shipping has also evolved a lot to cater to the … Read more

CIF vs FOB: What’s The Difference? Which Should You Choose?

Whenever you purchase goods from a manufacturer or supplier, you are presented with two options: CIF (Cost, Insurance, and Freight) or FOB (Free on Board). Both CIF and FOB are contracts specifying whether the buyer or the seller is responsible for the purchased goods during transit. Here’s a brief explanation … Read more


Every industry has its own jargon, and logistics is no exception. If you’ve ever contacted a logistics provider before, you must have heard a million logistics terms already (okay, maybe not that many). Of those, the two that you will definitely hear over and over again are DDP and DDU. To understand … Read more

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