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USPS Rate Changes 2022: What You Need to Know

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Shipping and logistics play a crucial role in running an eCommerce business. It is the backbone of the industry and most consumers shop online for the sheer convenience of getting orders delivered to their doorsteps. Since it is the foundation of an eCommerce operation,  transportation expenses take the biggest chunk of most retailers’ operational costs. Finding a carrier that offers reasonable pricing for efficient services is crucial to the business’s success. 

Every year, carriers, including the US Postal System, hike their rates to account for several inflation factors. 2022 is no different. They previously announced the USPS rate changes, which they imposed last January 9. In this article, you’ll learn all about the changes and their impact.

USPS Rate Changes: A 2022 Snapshot

In November last year, the USPS filed a price change request to the Postal Regulatory Commission. The notice aimed to enact the changes by January 9, 2022. As mentioned earlier, the Postal Service announces rate increases each year. However, the USPS rate changes were implemented earlier this year than the previous ones. 

In the press release, the USPS explains that the changes are part of a decade long plan to revive the operation and recoup projected operating losses:

“With full implementation, the Postal Service’s 10-year Delivering For America plan is designed to reverse a projected $160 billion in operating losses over the next 10 years. The Plan’s growth and efficiency initiatives, including the proposed pricing changes, together with necessary legislation, should allow the Postal Service to make investments totaling approximately $40 billion over the next 10 years to modernize and improve our infrastructure to become more efficient and service responsive.”

Aside from the hike, the request also detailed two new products’ inclusion in the USPS roster. The products, Plus One and Connect Local Mail, target same-day deliveries for local communities. 

USPS Rate Changes 

As mentioned earlier, most USPS services would increase by around 3%. While this doesn’t seem like much to prepare for, retailers must consider the difference. Notably, the price of First Class Letter Mail would remain the same. Rate changes for this service are scheduled for July of 2022.



Flat Rate Envelopes

Flat Rate EnvelopesUpdated Postage Rates2021 Postage Rates*
Priority Mail Express Flat Rate Envelope$26.95$26.35
Priority Mail Express Padded Flat Rate Envelope$27.50$26.95
Priority Mail Express Legal Flat Rate Envelope$27.10$26.50
Priority Mail Flat Rate Envelope$8.95$7.95
Priority Mail Padded Flat Rate Envelope$9.65$8.55
Priority Mail Legal Flat Rate Envelope$9.25$8.25


PackagesUpdated Postage Rates2021 Postage Rates*
Priority Mail Express (0.5 lb.)$26.95 and up$26.35 and up
Priority Mail Express Flat Rate BoxNANA
Priority Mail (1 lb.)$8.70 and up$7.70 and up
Priority Mail Small Flat Rate Box$9.45$8.45
Priority Mail Medium Flat Rate Box$16.10$15.50
Priority Mail Large Flat Rate Box$21.50$21.90
Priority Mail APO/FPO/DPO Large Flat Rate Box$20.00$20.40
Priority Mail Regional Rate Box A$10.68 and up$10.13 and up
Priority Mail Regional Rate Box B$11.18 and up$10.53 and up
Priority Mail Regional Rate Box CDiscontinuedDiscontinued
First Class® Package Service (1 oz.)$4.50 and up$4.00 and up
Parcel Select Ground® (1 lb.)NANA
Media Mail (1 lb.)$3.19$2.89
Retail Ground® $8.50 and up$7.70 and up
Library Mail (1 lb.)$3.03$2.75

International Mail and Packages

InternationalUpdated Postage Rates2021 Postage Rates*
Global Express Guaranteed (0.5 lb.)$67.80 and up$67.80 and up
Priority Mail Express Intl (0.5 lb.)$47.95 and up$45.95 and up
Priority Mail Express Intl Flat Rate Box – CanadaNANA
Priority Mail Express Intl Flat Rate Box – Other CountriesNANA
Priority Mail Express Intl Flat Rate Envelopes – Canada$47.95 and up$45.95 and up
Priority Mail Express Intl Flat Rate Envelopes – Other Countries$64.95 and up$62.95 and up
Priority Mail Intl (1 lb.) – Canada$40.45 and up$37.60 and up
Priority Mail Intl (1 lb.) – Other Countries$48.80 and up$46.95 and up
Priority Mail Intl Flat Rate Envelopes – Canada$29.60$28.50
Priority Mail Intl Flat Rate Envelopes – Other Countries$36.85 and up$35.45 and up
Priority Mail Intl Small Flat Rate Box – Canada$30.70$28.50
Priority Mail Intl Small Flat Rate Box – Other Countries$38.55 and up$37.10 and up
Priority Mail Intl Medium Flat Rate Box – Canada$56.80$54.65
Priority Mail Intl Medium Flat Rate Box – Other Countries$82.85 and up$79.75 and up
Priority Mail Intl Large Flat Rate Box – Canada$73.80$71.05
Priority Mail Intl Large Flat Rate Box – Other Countries$108.10 and up$104.05 and up
First-Class Package Intl Service – Canada (1 lb.)$22.10$21.25
First-Class Package Intl Service – Mexico (1 lb.)$22.60$21.75
First-Class Package Intl Service – Other Countries (1 lb.)$30.90 and up$24.50 and up
First-Class Mail Intl Letters – Mexico & Canada (1 oz.)$1.30$1.20
First-Class Mail Intl Letters – Other Countries (1 oz.)$1.30$1.20

Additional Services

Additional ServicesUpdated Postage Rates2021 Postage Rates*
Certified Mail™$3.75$3.60
Certificate of Mailing$1.65$1.55
Registered Mail™$13.75 and up$12.90 and up
USPS Tracking$0.00$0.00
Restricted Delivery$5.85$5.40
Return Receipt – (mail)$3.05$2.85
Return Receipt – (electronic)$1.85$1.75
Return Receipt – (for Merchandise)NANA
Signature Confirmation™$3.45$3.20
Adult Signature – (Basic)$8.50$6.90
Adult Signature – (Person Specific)$8.75$7.15
Package Intercept$15.95$15.25

*Information from

Final Thoughts

USPS isn’t the only carrier slated to increase its prices in 2022. Major shipping companies across the country, including DHL, FedEx, and UPS, have also released their rate changes for the year. It is crucial to keep up with these rate hikes to remain in the green. 

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