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The 5 Order Fulfillment Process Steps


Order fulfillment is a crucial part of running a successful eCommerce business. But for those new to the industry, the scale of the process can get complex and hard to grasp. The order fulfillment process steps involve more than ensuring packages get to customers on time. It entails almost all … Read more

The Importance of Shipment Tracking in Customer Experience


Offering quality products is essential in eCommerce. However, the last few years saw a shift in customer priorities. Consumers nowadays heavily consider their overall experience purchasing from a brand more than the product or service itself. Eighty-six percent (86%) of consumers are willing to pay more for an item from … Read more

Amazon Seller Calendar 2021: Peak Dates to Prepare For


Amazon might only be 25 years old,  but it secured its place globally as the top eCommerce platform. The marketplace has become a valuable tool and veritable gold mine for online retailers. In 2019, more than 200,000 third-party sellers made upwards of $100,000 on the platform. Considering how consumers purchase … Read more

7 Signs You Need a 3PL Partner


Experiencing exponential growth for an eCommerce company is great, but it does have its drawbacks. On the plus side, there is demand for the product, and marketing efforts are working. But managing exponential growth without developing a logistics strategy to account for the increase in orders could be problematic. A … Read more

3PL Functions: What does a 3PL company really do?


Running an eCommerce business can be challenging. Today, 18% of all purchases in the world happen online, and more than 2.14 billion people are digital buyers. That’s 26% of the world population.  And yet, 22% of online operations do not survive their first year. There are plenty of factors that … Read more

Amazon FBA Prep Requirements


Amazon remains to be the top eCommerce marketplace across the globe. On average, the eCommerce powerhouse ships approximately 1.6 million packages a day. That comes to 18.5 orders every second. Amazon perfected its logistics process to accommodate millions of packages that go through its multiple fulfillment centers daily. With the … Read more

4 Factors to Consider When Choosing an FBA Prep Center


Fulfillment by Amazon or Amazon FBA makes it possible for small and medium retailers to take full advantage of the marketplace’s logistic capabilities. Through the program, eCommerce stores operating on the platform can forgo inventory storage, shipping, and even customer service. Amazon’s logistics process is unmatched. But to utilize it, … Read more

5 Signs You Need an FBA Prep Company


Between multiple FBA fulfillment centers, Amazon can ship out 18.5 packages every second. They have developed over 15,000 robots to accomplish such a fantastic feat. More than technology, the world’s top marketplace streamlined their pick, pack, and ship service to perfection. As such, Amazon FBA sellers must follow and pass … Read more

5 Benefits of Using an Amazon FBA Prep Service Provider


Amazon is currently the marketplace of choice for both sellers and buyers. Through the platform, online shoppers enjoy one-day shipping at the lowest possible prices. Furthermore, the marketplace provides a convenient way to shop for necessities and source unique and rare items. Amazon is also an excellent avenue for smaller … Read more

FBA Prep and Ship Service Explained


Fulfillment by Amazon or FBA is one of the best ways to succeed as an online retailer. The program allows online retailers to take full advantage of the marketplace’s reach globally. Likewise, the service takes the burden of logistics away from eCommerce operators. As a result, retailers have more time … Read more

Amazon FBA Product Sourcing: What It Is and How to Do It Right


Product sourcing plays a crucial role in successfully selling on Amazon. Currently, there are over 2 million active sellers on the marketplace, making competition fierce. Often, a retailer’s success depends on sourcing reasonably-priced quality products. By securing lower inventory costs, business owners can pass on the savings to the consumer … Read more

Amazon Seller Guide (2021 Update)


What is Amazon?  Amazon is an American multinational technology company that is primarily known as a leader in eCommerce. Initially, an online bookstore, the tech giant has branched out to different industries, including digital streaming, artificial intelligence—and recently, space flight.  Founded in 1995, Amazon is currently the world’s top eCommerce … Read more

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