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Logistics in Indonesia: Opportunities and Challenges


One of the largest eCommerce markets in the world today can be found in Indonesia, boasting 43 billion dollars in eCommerce revenue. Over 30 million consumers in this Southeast Asian presidential republic made online purchases through various eCommerce platforms in 2021. Indonesia’s digital economy is an excellent opportunity for online … Read more

What is a Virtual Warehouse in Inventory Management?


Today’s customers expect an omnichannel eCommerce environment with a seamless, customized shopping experience. They want to order from anywhere, anytime. These empowered shoppers have changed fulfillment and transportation in retail supply chains. Customers might think all your products are conveniently located in just one warehouse near your business office. However, … Read more

Thailand eCommerce: A Comprehensive Look


The Thailand eCommerce landscape continues to be an ideal environment for developing business with the country’s rapidly rising internet user base. Recent research indicates that 48.59 million Thais, or 69.5% of the population, use the Internet. Meanwhile, over 36.6 million people, or 52.3% of the population, use eCommerce. Thailand is … Read more

Everything You Need to Know About Shipping to Thailand


Expanding your eCommerce operations into Thailand opens up many exciting business opportunities. In 2021, Thailand’s eCommerce generated $8.5 billion in revenues. Every year, eCommerce in Thailand grows, and new businesses are forming. Statista projects the local eCommerce market value to be $20.90bn by the end of 2023. Online platforms are … Read more

The Stages and Steps that Make an Effective Procurement Process


A vital component of any successful eCommerce business is having the right procurement strategy.  A company must regularly acquire the necessary resources for its operations to continue and for a brand to grow.  Streamlined workflows and tighter supply chain management leverage product development, strengthen business relationships and provide new opportunities. … Read more

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