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What is Omni-channel Fulfillment?

Reading time:  2 min 50s  Benefits and Risks of an Omnichannel Strategy Customer expectations are rising faster than ever, buoyed in part by the rise of e-commerce. Businesses, on the other hand, have to rise to the occasion to create delightful and consistent shopping experiences. One way to do this … Read more

6 Things to Lookout in an Organized Warehouse

Reading time:  3 min 35 secs  As it turns out, the efficiency of your e-commerce business will depend on how well your warehouse operates. Keeping the warehouse organized will help improve warehouse safety and productivity while also improving the order fulfillment process. Whether you own and operate your own warehouse … Read more

5 Key Factors to Successful Order Fulfillment Process


What is Order Fulfillment? Order Fulfillment covers the complete eCommerce process from making a sale to getting the orders delivered to the customer. While it can also be used to describe self-fulfillment (or doing everything in-house, from storage and packing to shipping), it is more commonly associated with online merchants … Read more

5 Quick Ways to Reduce Logistics Costs in 2021


Running a successful business requires having a well thought out logistics and supply chain strategy — from sourcing materials to fulfilling orders. But even with all the resources readily available to reduce logistics costs and increase revenue, getting products shipped and delivered at the right time and in their best … Read more

eCommerce Influencer Marketing vs KOLs


Ecommerce Influencer marketing has proven to be a vital digital strategy for eCommerce retailers in the last few years. Despite the pandemic and global economic slowdown, brands will spend up to $15 billion on influencer marketing by 2022. It’s not surprising that companies, multinational or otherwise, are more than eager … Read more

How to Beat Other Product Design Companies

Reading time:  2 min  How to Beat Other Product Design Companies Investing in product design agency has become a popular tool for e-commerce businesses to improve on product innovation and their branding strategy. But with growing competition, how does a product design agency emerge at the top? Here are some strategies … Read more

What is Social Commerce?

Reading time:  1 min  What is social commerce? Social commerce is the use of social networks for eCommerce transactions, i.e. it involves selling products directly through social media networks. This differs from social media marketing. Social media marketing redirects users to an online store; social commerce allows them to checkout … Read more

Main Differences Between DHL eCommerce and DHL Express (Updated 2020)

Difference between DHL Ecommerce and DHL Express

Reading time:  2 min 15 secThis article was updated on Sept 2020. The Difference Between DHL eCommerce and DHL Express DHL has been a household name in the world of logistics since its foundation back 1969. Decades later and the company remains to be one of the world’s trusted couriers, … Read more

Guest Post – How Inventory Management Software can change your business

Reading time:  4 min 20 sec  This is a Guest Post from our partners at Finances Online – a great source for B2B Solutions. How Inventory Management Software can change your business Cloud computing has come into play in one form or the other. When it comes to the cloud, … Read more

Co-packing in Bonded Zones

Reading time:  3 min  What is co-packing?   Scaling production can be costly to firms; thus, co-packing has become increasingly popular. Co-packing is a form of outsourcing; it involves the assembling of a product into its final packaged form by a third-party.  Co-packers are skilled at handling varying stages of the … Read more

Why Ecommerce is Moving to Southeast Asia

Reading time:  1 min 5 sec Rapid growth in the e-commerce sector is driving significant shifts in the global economy.  Nonetheless, this growth is becoming increasingly susceptible to trade tensions between China and the US.   China holds an important role in the global supply chain for manufactured products, which accounts … Read more

Amazon FBA and eBay Limitations (Updated 2020)

Amazon FBA and eBay Limitations

Reading time:  2 min 45 sec This article was updated on Sept 2020. Amazon FBA and eBay Limitations As online merchants, choosing a fulfillment company can make or break your business. Whether you are an established seller or a first-time entrepreneur, you are probably familiar with eCommerce giants Amazon FBA … Read more

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