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What is Social Commerce?

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What is social commerce?

Social commerce is the use of social networks for eCommerce transactions, i.e. it involves selling products directly through social media networks. This differs from social media marketing. Social media marketing redirects users to an online store; social commerce allows them to checkout directly within the network or app they are using at that particular time. In this way there is a more convenient way for people to complete the purchase of products they want and need. 

Instagram: This is an example of how social commerce can be facilitated through Instagram­­. Instagram’s shop-able post feature began in March 2018. These posts go live giving brands the ability to tag items in organic posts, when tapped, and redirect users to a new page where they can purchase and checkout the item.

Facebook: Similarly, Facebook has shop-able pages or posts that allow consumers to redirect to the brand’s site where they can buy products instantly from. In June 2018, Facebook Marketplace was launched and now serves as a competitor to Amazon, Esty and eBay.







Sale can really benefit from this method as it capitalizes the point at which a user’s purchase intent and excitement for a product is highest.  Moreover, 60% of Instagram users say they find new products through the platform. 30% of online shoppers claim they are likely to make a purchase from a media network like Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram or Snapchat.

With a growing user presence on social media, social commerce would be a profitable marketing and sales strategy for e-commerce businesses. 

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