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How to Earn More Amazon Seller Reviews

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Consumers, nowadays, are a different breed. Since they have ready access to information, they have become more conscientious and discerning customers. So today, brands can’t rely solely on billboards and television commercials to capture an engaged audience and turn a profit. 

With eCommerce and the capability to post online feedback instantaneously, most buyers turn to other customers and their reviews before making a purchase. As new buyers who haven’t physically experienced or used a product, thoughts are the closest they can get to an honest opinion. According to research, 91% of consumers read online reviews, while 84% trust recommendations enough to make a purchase decision. Likewise, customers are willing to spend 31% more on eCommerce retailers that past buyers highly recommend. A product is 270% more likely to sell if it has at least five reviews. 

Without a doubt, in today’s retail landscape, reviews are a crucial part of consumer behavior. In this article, merchants can learn how to earn more positive Amazon seller reviews on the marketplace and improve their products’ current review scores.  

Amazon Seller Reviews Guidelines

Before diving into the best practices in earning more Amazon seller reviews, it is vital to familiarize yourself with the marketplace’s guidelines on customer feedback. Amazon takes customer reviews seriously. The platform is known to suspend and even ban sellers that manipulate feedback. This type of deception could severely impact operations, especially for FBA and FBM sellers new to Amazon. That said, staying clear of violations is simple:  

  • Merchants Can’t Incentivize Amazon Seller Reviews

Amazon allows sellers to offer a product at a discount or even free in exchange for reviews at the onset. It was an effective strategy that boosted the reach of plenty of Amazon retailers. However, this method has resulted in a lot of overinflated or, at its worse, false reviews from customers. Since 2016, Amazon has banned this practice. Sellers that choose to employ this tactic can get suspended. 

  • Merchants Can’t Choose the Amazon Seller Reviews on their Page 

Amazon sends a generic email to all customers who made a recent purchase on the platform. Since it does that, sellers aren’t allowed to cherry-pick the reviews that would end up on their product profile. Like incentivizing reviews, this method can get a seller suspended from transacting on Amazon. 

5 Ways to Generate More Customer Product and Amazon Seller Reviews

The simplest way to generate more Amazon seller reviews is to ask for it. Most customers are eager to leave feedback for sellers as it provides them a channel to air out their dissatisfaction (or not) with their recent purchase. While it’s simple, the process can get complicated. It requires finesse and strategy to build an impeccable reputation by earning a significant number of positive product reviews. Below are some tried and tested ways to do so: 

  1. Make it Easy for Buyers to Leave Amazon Seller Reviews

Sellers must make it easy for customers to leave reviews. The more friction there is, the less likely buyers would leave feedback on a retailer’s Amazon page. The trick is to incorporate several ways to gather customer feedback. It is a good idea to cover all the bases – including strategies outside of Amazon, like email marketing and social media. 

  1. Send a Personalized Email to Buyers

As mentioned earlier, Amazon sends a generic templated email asking for feedback after a purchase. Since it is generic, most people ignore the message. Email marketing is an effective means to earn more customer reviews. Sellers may need to personalize these messages to attract the recipient’s attention.

When crafting these personalized review requests, it is essential to include the buyer’s name in the subject line. The mail copy should also contain a direct link to the product page to make it easy to write the review. 

  1. Add an Insert to the Package

Aside from tapping digital to ask for reviews, sellers can also go analog. It’s a good idea for sellers to include an insert on the package asking for reviews. Make sure these inserts are bright and eye-catching. It should provide simple instructions on how to leave a review on the Amazon product page. If possible, provide a QR code that sends the buyer directly to the product page. 

Remember that it is best to ask buyers for their honest reviews for customer feedback instead of requesting a five-star comment. Amazon isn’t keen on sellers that force customers for positive reviews. 

  1. Opt into the Amazon Early Reviewer Program

The Amazon Early Reviewer Program is exclusive for Amazon sellers offering new products. While sellers can’t pay for positive reviews, Amazon reserves the right to incentivize customers to leave feedback on specific product pages through the Amazon Early Reviewer program. 

It is important to note that signing up for this program doesn’t guarantee five-star reviews from every customer. Instead, it is simply the marketplace’s way to get Amazon seller reviews on newly listed items. 

  1. Sign Up for Amazon Vine

Like the Amazon Early Reviewer Program, Amazon Vine is only open to new retailers on the platform and has fewer than 30 reviews across all their products. 

Through Amazon Vine, sellers submit 30 units of their selected products and get shipped to reviewers for free. These reviewers have been vetted by the platform based on the helpfulness of their other reviews. That said, Amazon Vine increases the chances of new sellers getting detailed reviews from a legitimate source. 

Amazon seller reviews are essentially the “word of mouth” in today’s digital age. Therefore, fostering a good reputation from past customers is crucial for successfully navigating Amazon. After all, good reviews can be instrumental in making the seller stand out.  

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