10 Easy Tips
to Grow
Your Dropshipping Business This 2020

With the surge of online activities and shopping due to lockdown, some business-minded people decided to take the opportunity to earn more during this pandemic. However, some merchants are struggling to get a sale despite the current trend in eCommerce.

Dropshipping is not a quick-rich scheme; it is also a business that needs a strategy to grow. As a drop shipper, it best to know how you can help your business grow despite the pandemic. Here are TEN easy tips on how you can boost your dropshipping business during this time.



Before Starting, Do Your Research


Don’t get easily swayed with the testimonials of other drop shippers or people who enticed you to start this business model that you can earn six digits in just one week – it is possible, but it takes a lot of time and effort.

What should you research before you start? Here is your guide.


What products should you sell?


When it comes to dropshipping, there is a lot of products you can choose from, but what products should you sell?

When considering what product you should sell is to find which is a profitable product as of the moment. For you to be able to get more income in dropshipping is to know what is the current trend in the market and go with the flow.


Research About the Product and Outsource to the Best Supplier


Now that you already have a product in mind, then it’s best to know about the product. Before you list the item, you have to know what are the selling points and how you will write its description soon. After that, the next step is to outsource the best supplier for that particular product.

There are a lot of E-commerce websites that offer drop shipping for the product you wish to sell. In choosing the best one, always look for reviews and ratings given – this is a great help. Don’t be deceived with their descriptions or very low pricing; always check on what people experienced when they transacted with them. It is safe to choose those who have at least a 4-star rating with more than a hundred reviews to ensure that the company has served a lot of clients already.


Talk to Your Target Supplier


Don’t go straight and place your order without discussing it with the supplier. Before you decide to post the product from their store, it is better to know how their dropshipping offer. Some of the questions you may ask are:


  1. Is there any minimum order quantity for dropshipping?
  2. What material does the particular product make?
  3. How many days before they can ship the item?
  4. How long would it take to deliver the items directly to the customer?
  5. Which courier services are they partnered?
  6. Do they provide a tracking number for customers?
  7. Were there issues that they faced recently in delivering on the area that your target customers reside?
  8. Is there any warranty offered for every product?


Choose the Best Platform


When it comes to choosing the right platform, it’s not just about who offers the cheapest subscription plan, but it’s about how efficient the service of the platform is.

There are a lot of dropshipping platforms you can choose from, but as a drop shipper, you need to know which one works best for you. These dropshipping platforms have their software or website integration that you can work on later; best to identify how it can help you with the bulk listing, marketing, and uploading the photos of the products.

One of the famous dropshipping platforms is Shopify, where there is a massive 1.2million user worldwide.


Create Product Descriptions that Sells


The most common mistake of every drop shippers is they copy and paste the description of the product from their supplier to their store; this is a very wrong practice.

As a drop shipper, you need to put yourself as the customer who would read the product description and think whether it will entice you to purchase or will move to other stores.

When writing a product description, always make it personal; write as if you are directly talking them. Tell your customers what they would get when they purchase that item. Product description still does matter; it is not just about the photo so, give your best shot in writing a product description that sells.


Product Photos Also Matters


Photos will easily capture the attention of your customers. Although there is already a photo available on your supplier’s page, you can edit it to make it more appealing.

You can experiment by adding some text on the photo, some description, or a banner that offers sale – you can try it. Remember, the enticing the picture is, the more that people are going to click it to know more about it.


Start Learning Basic Digital Marketing


Now that you already decided on which product to sell, what platform to use, and how to draw your customer’s attention through your photo and description, it’s time to promote your store.

Nowadays, business owners must learn the basics of Digital Marketing because this is the way your target customers will get to know about your store. However, some stores prefer to hire someone to do it on their behalf, but it’s more efficient that as a business owner to know how digital marketing works.

Invest in free digital marketing courses offered online to get a hint on how does it work and how you can effectively market your store without shelling out a lot of money on ads.


Always Check on How Your Store is Performing


All platforms have their built-in analytics, always check on those.

These analytics will help you with how many visits your platform has, which products do most of your visitors clicks on, and which products have more sales. Through this, you would be able to assess how you can market your store or what products you should put on clearance sale or which products you should promote more in the future.


Be Patient, and Know that this is NOT a Get Rich Quick Scheme


As soon as you launched your store, accept the fact that it might take a while to get your first customer, but it’s worth the wait.

If you want to be successful in dropshipping, you should learn to be patient, and while waiting, improve your website and your marketing strategy. Once a first order comes in, give that customer the best service. Give freebies or discounts for the first few customers who order, and they will surely come back to you once.

There are a lot of people enticing everyone to choose dropshipping because it is a less costly business scheme; however, it does not equate to a quick-rich strategy.

Patience is always a virtue, and adding effort to improve your business and marketing strategy while waiting will help you further grow your visibility online that can lead to more sales later on.



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