How Can Zhenhub’s WMS Improve Your Warehouses’ Performance?

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Behind every effectively functioning logistics system, there’s an equally effective Warehouse Management System (WMS). Warehouse Management Systems are critical to logistical efficiency and this is because the warehouse is more than just a storage facility.

Greater warehouse efficiency ultimately translates to improved supply chain success.

In the face of today’s competitive and dynamic supply chain, you need a WMS to stay efficient. But all WMS are not created equal. It takes a robust and comprehensive edge-to-edge Warehouse Management System like the ZhenHub’s WMS to truly improve your warehouse capability.

How? Let’s see!


ZhenHub’s WMS: A Brief Overview

The ZhenHub’s WMS is a software application designed to help optimize your warehouse functionality as it supports a diverse range of warehouse operations. This system is capable of helping businesses track inventory and supplies more efficiently within the warehouse or distribution center.

ZhenHub’s Warehouse Management System also helps to improve other key processes such as receiving supplies as well as putting away these supplies more accurate and faster.

In short, this software will help you administer and control warehouse operations such as inventory management, the picking processes, auditing and much more, from the moment the warehouse receives the good up until the products are then sent out for delivery or distribution.


The ZhenHub difference

Depending on your line of business, you could choose from a myriad of WMS options available today. However, what separates WMS’s from the pack is the ease at which it can be streamlined to fit almost any business, especially in the ecommerce sector.

Furthermore, ZhenHub’s WMS built for superb integration and can help you connect with multiple marketplaces. It boasts innovative features, a user-friendly interface, and greater functionality for a vastly improved warehouse management and fulfillment capabilities.


Here’s what the ZhenHub’s WMS does

The ZhenHub’s WMS simply helps you maintain data transparency across the board by enhancing the key processes involved in the tracking and control of storage materials within the warehouse.

These processes and benefits can include;

  • Receiving goods: ZhenHub’s WMS helps to enhance proper shipment handling upon arrival to not just minimize losses but also to save valuable time.
  • Tracking inventory: Helps you get better visibility on stock so you can understand stock and inventory levels and availability, ensure proper resource distribution and avoid overstocking.
  • Slotting optimization: helps you leverage factors like weight and demand to arrange warehouse materials properly to ensure quick order processing and warehouse management efficiency.
  • Labor visibility and savings: ZhenHub’s WMS is not labor-intensive. It will help you save on labor costs to greatly reduce your expenditure.
  • Improved data reporting: The ZhenHub’s WMS software is designed in such a way that you can easily generate accurate reports of sales, shipment, and your inventory to help you make informed decisions as well as more accurate forecasting.
  • Accurate picking and shipping: LIFO or FIFO? ZhenHub WMS will boost your picking and shipping accuracy to ensure the right products are shipped to the right destinations at the right time.
  • Improved visibility: ZhenHub’s WMS gives you access to advanced tracking capabilities making it easy to track anything from lot information to serial numbers, expiry dates, UPC, etc
  • Improved customer service: Order receipt and processing will be greatly improved with the ZhenHub’s Warehouse Management System. This ensures the right goods are shipped to the right customers timely. Service and product quality can be easily maintained to boost customer service and improve customer loyalty and retention.


How ZhenHub’s WMS will fit into your supply chain

With the ZhenHub’s fully integrated solution, you can receive your materials or products into the Warehouse Management System. While the materials are in the warehouse, the WMS will facilitate their tracking via moves and cycle counts. The products can then be picked and sent to the Transportation Management System or your shipping system to route your trucks.

Tracking orders, values, sales, and invoices with these systems will be easy at any point in time.

You need a WMS that can be configured to satisfy your business needs. This should be a scalable system that can be scaled past where you are now and at least to where you’re working to be, maybe in the next five or six years. You need a WMS solution that’s not expensive but very cost-effective while not compromising on quality and efficiency.


Bottom Line

ZhenHub’s WMS promises increased operational efficiency and improved customer service even with its low cost of ownership. This industry-leading WMS will help you streamline and automate key inventory fulfillment process. It is dynamic, robust, and easily configurable to most ecommerce business needs. This means greater visibility into your warehouse and inventory management processes.

These speed and savings collectively are the reasons why lots of ecommerce businesses today are leveraging ZhenHub’s WMS to boost their warehouse management and fulfillment capabilities.

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