How to Lower Cart Abandonment

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Retail cart abandonment is the bane of e-commerce stores.

You’ve done so much to capture leads and get visitors to your store. But they just end up abandoning their cart all of a sudden without purchasing what they’ve added to their cart.

This experience can be quite frustrating. And because you can’t afford losing sales and potential customers to your competition, you need to take steps to lower your cart abandonment rate.

Here are a few things you can do;


  1. Offer free shipping or…

According to Baymard Institute, unexpected shipping costs, along with slow delivery options, are some of the topmost reasons most shoppers abandon their carts at checkout.

To address this issue, you should consider offering two days free shipping and if this is not feasible, you should endeavor to make expedited shipping as affordable as you can. You should also try to be transparent with any additional fees, taxes, and shipping costs, as well.

Image credit: Baymard Institute


  1. Eliminate complexities from your checkout process

Customer expectations are evolving with each new day.

If your checkout process is complex or complicated, you risk losing a significant percentage of your potential customers to the competition.

  • The shopping cart should be made to allow for easy addition and removal of items.
  • Product costs, taxes, fees, and shipping costs, and other costs should be clearly shown.
  • The overall design of your checkout page should be distraction-free, clutter-free, and visually pleasing.


  1. Don’t request for account creation

More than 35% of potential customers would abandon their carts if prompted to sign up for an account before they can conclude their purchase.

We understand this may be very important to leads generation. If you would, you can make this a post-checkout thing. Better still, you can tie value into this such as the ability to earn points or discounts or the ability to track their orders, among other things.


  1. Website UX should be top-notch

Your website structure and design will greatly affect user experience. Most of your potential customers will be off to your competitor’s websites the moment your page refuses to load or they are experiencing some difficulty navigating your website. Consider;


  1. Showcase your credibility with social proofs

According to data from the Baymard Institute, trust issues rank high among the top reasons many shoppers fail to see their purchases through checkout.

Everything from your SSL certificate to customer reviews, ratings from the likes of Trustpilot, and badges from the likes of PayPal, McAfee, BBB, would help you bolster buyer confidence so they can trust you with their credit card details.


  1. Offer easy and popular payment options

Many new visitors and potential customers would be hesitant to give their credit card details if they’re purchasing for the first time or just got to know about your brand.

This is why popular payment options like PayPal and Google Wallet would make more sense as it could help win their trust and confidence for purchases.


  1. Make your return policy fair and transparent

If potential customers find your return policy unsatisfactory enough, you run the risk of losing them to the competition. More customers now expect free returns and fair refunds. Things like  “30 days return free returns” will help your customers have enough confidence and trust to go on with their purchase.


Bottom Line

Cart abandonment is a common phenomenon in the retail industry.

Even after all of these things have been done, you can still expect some customers to abandon their carts midway through the process. There are still three things you can still do;

  • First, incorporate live chat into your website so you can help potential customers with any problems they may face or questions they may have during the purchase process;
  • Secondly, you should consider using email campaigns with enticing offers to help remind potential customers of their abandoned carts, and
  • Finally, making sure your order fulfillment services match your shipping and delivery promises.


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