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ZhenHub operates with the largest warehouse operator in Vietnam

ZhenHub partners with the largest warehouse operator in Vietnam. With trust and solid working relationship with local operators, the warehouse is run with professional SOP to ensure that your goods are handled accurately and carefully.

Professional warehouse SOP in Vietnam

We have a professional warehouse SOP integrated with our supply chain services. Geared with local expertise, you can be assured that your products can be forwarded with the maximum efficiency, especially fulfilling the demands of thriving ecommerce.

Manage warehouse operations and
track inventory movement in real-time.

Take advantage of a global network of warehousing partners in Asia, ready to make order fulfillment easy for you and your customers.


Our warehouses are set up for optimal storage solutions to keep products in the best conditions until it gets shipped to your customers.


Utilize cutting-edge logistics and supply chain tech to automate the picking process. Integrate all your marketplace platforms and sync orders for an efficient order assembly.


Prepare your products and choose the right materials, so each product is packed and protected from any damage during delivery.


Enjoy the most affordable, fastest, transparent, and reliable shipping with courier partners offering customized, cross-border shipping.

Your cloud-based eCommerce fulfillment system

  • Get full access to live business operations data
  • Execute customer orders seamlessly
  • Optimize your Just-in-Time Inventory
  • Trace and track product movement
  • Generate insightful and real-time reports

Asia Warehouses

Go global and run your eCommerce operations from multiple fulfillment centers in Asia —
tap ZhenHub’s partner networks across multiple Asian countries.


Location Binh Duong, Vietnam
Fullfillment Options
B2C Fulfillment, B2B Fulfillment, Product Returns, project

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Trackable Services
All services are trackable

Global Integrations

Get access to exceptional world- class warehouse and fulfillment partners for a successful order fulfillment process.

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