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December 16th, 2016— ZhenHub Technologies launched to scale ecommerce businesses by automating the entire logistics supply chain.

Now, ecommerce businesses no longer have to deal with a manual logistics industry where operations are costly, time consuming, and vulnerable to human error. ZhenHub has built a cloud-based platform which automates shipping with a single click and integrates with ecommerce giants, Shopify and Walmart Marketplace. A user-friendly logistics command center, ZhenHub simplifies logistics and saves up to 10 hours of work a week.

“The average business spends more than 40% of their time on logistics and operations, this time could be better spent growing your business and focusing on your core strengths. ZhenHub focuses on providing the most competitive rates. Where a traditional logistics provider needs a large number of personnel to generate quotes and manage operations, ZhenHub has automated this allowing us to pass on these cost savings to our customers,” says cofounder and CEO, Vince.

To provide an economical solution catered to each customer, ZhenHub created a shared economy within the logistics industry and partnered with 30 underutilized warehouses across 10 countries. Each warehouse provides storage, pick & pack, and shipping by land, sea, and air through various shipping partners.

“Today, logistics companies quote anywhere between 20% and 120% margins on their services. We’ve seen some outrageous quotes provided to us by prospective customers. ZhenHub uses our proprietary solution to both optimise the service for each customer and quote the best rates possible with margins as low as 2-5%. We can do this because our operations do not rely on excessive manpower and is automated for high efficiency.”

As ecommerce stores race to provide a seamless shopping experience with swift delivery at competitive rates, the logistics industry remains technologically outdated and slow to respond. With a disruptive platform and an integrated global network of warehouses and shipping partners, ZhenHub is a one-stop logistics solution for businesses that want things faster, easier, and cheaper to forge ahead.

ZhenHub has 11 employees and is headquartered in Hong Kong SAR. The company was founded in 2016 by two serial entrepreneurs, Vincent Poon and Sheldon Li, who have started and managed successful social enterprises and logistics businesses prior to launching ZhenHub. Within this short period of time, ZhenHub has already signed a memorandum of understanding with three global Third Party Logistics Providers. The team comprises of logistics veterans with a combined experience of over 50 years.

ZhenHub is looking to expand and acquire more warehouse space and expand internationally into Germany, Korea, and Taiwan.

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