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The art of good gifting

About the Company

Founded in 1993, &Open is a “happiness platform” that specializes in helping businesses build brand affinity through memorable corporate gifts. They have mastered the art of creating amazing gifting experiences through tech and people. With their innovative web-based platform, companies can easily personalize and send gifts to customers and partners in just a few clicks. 

The Challenge

The platform is not ready for the Chinese Market expansion

In December 2017, our largest client who had recently entered the Chinese market asked if we could do what we were doing for them in EMEA & NA, but in the Chinese market. Obviously, this presented a multitude of issues and hurdles that had to be resolved before we could deliver the gifts to this client’s customers in China.

Our main problem was that we had to hold all our clients’ customer data on Chinese servers, which meant that we had to build a separate platform that was ring-fenced in China.

The ZhenHub Solution

We were looking for a 3PL that operated in China that had both the technical capability to hold all our client’s data within China and also be flexible enough to customize their platform for us in order to attain an ICP license. In other words, what we needed was a 3PL that was flexible and could offer that added value and high touch that our clients require. ZhenHub understood our problems and took our specifications onboard very quickly. They have been very flexible with us and have been able to adapt to our requirements, which continued to evolve as the project progressed

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