How to write Product Descriptions that sell

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The quality of the information in your product descriptions will determine whether customers end up purchasing your product or whether they end up leaving at that point.

As much as 20% of purchase failures have been attributed to poor product description with missing or unclear product information.

While we understand that human attention has become a very scarce commodity, there has to be a way to appeal to customers through your product description.

What exactly is a product description?

The product description is the marketing copy on product pages that describes a product and why potential buyers should go ahead and buy it.

A well-written product description can be a useful e-commerce tool. It should appeal to potential buyers and should perfectly portray your brand and product image in a way that resonates with potential buyers.


Writing product descriptions that sell

There are two primary components of a product description -features and benefits.

Keep that in mind when next you’re writing a product description that the features should describe the benefits. Saying a product is ‘great’ is not enough. You’ll have to be specific about what makes such a product great.

So, how can you write a product description that brings in the sales?


  1. Knowing your target audience

You have to understand that selling a dog toy to someone who doesn’t own a dog will be a tough job. This is why knowing your target audience and what’s important to them will make a difference. Take this description of a Tee Shirt from Lulu Lemon for instance;

“Why we made this Tee?

This soft and lightweight Tee was built for everyday comfort. Made with Vitasea fabric that is made from a blend of Pima cotton and Lyocell for softness and durability.”

From the description above, you can easily make out what the product is, who it’s for, as well as its features and benefits.

  1. High-quality product images

Baymard says that more than half of potential buyers would look at pictures first before other things on the product description page. You won’t get away with low-resolution, blurry images that won’t portray your product and your brand in the best light.

  1. Paint vivid pictures with your words

This is a great way to convince potential buyers to buy a product.

While pictures remain prominent with your product description, using descriptive words that will create a sort of imagery in the mind of readers will help convert more sales.

  1. Proper formatting is important

Human attention is becoming increasingly scarce. Most people won’t have the time to go through your meticulously written product description.

Skimming is what we do now, and according to the Nielsen Norman Group, users tend to read only about 20% of the content on a webpage.

This is one of the reasons why you should format properly, using bullet points to highlight your key points.


Take the Microsoft Surface Mobile Mouse ad on Amazon for instance;

  • Light, portable, ergonomic mouse is perfect for precise navigation on the go
  • No cords or dongle — connects wirelessly to your Surface via Bluetooth
  • Enhanced wheel is optimized for smooth, natural scrolling
  • Works on virtually any surface thanks to BlueTrack technology
  • Elegant, sculpted design — sits comfortably in your hand. Available in a choice of rich colors. Up to 1 year of battery life

This description does well to keep things short and precise, using bullet points to highlight features and benefits. This is a common practice on Amazon, by the way.

  1. Boost credibility with social proof

84% of online shoppers trust online reviews as much as they trust their friends, according to Inc. leveraging things like this can add more credibility to your product, resulting in more sales.

What’s more interesting is that as much as 72% of shoppers won’t make a purchase until they’ve seen positive reviews about the product, according to Invesp.

Incorporating this into your product descriptions will help you boost sales and conversion.


Product description template

You should have a blueprint or template to follow when writing your product descriptions.

While there might be slight variations from product to product, you can hardly go wrong by following a strategy that includes;

  • A headline that attracts attention;
  • A short paragraph that introduces benefits and features;
  • A bullet list of key features and benefits;
  • Essential/ necessary technical details;
  • Reviews, or some other forms of social proof
  • A clear call to action to trigger a purchase


The template here is a general template that will work in many situations. The key, however, is highlighting key product features and benefits as well as things that will appeal to your target audience. Any information that does this well is allowed.

Giving attention to your product description can help you achieve more success with e-commerce. It can help inspire more purchases, boost your revenue and bottom line, and contribute to both short and long term success.


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