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Amazon FBA UK (2020)

Aliexpress is one of the famous dropshipping retail companies worldwide. The platforms offer a wide variety of products you can sell in your store, plus they are also cheaper compared to other platforms.

We all know that shipping time from Aliexpress will take a lot of time. There are times that it will take up to a month to receive the items – and this is not good for customers with low emotional quotient, so how can you ship items fast from Aliexpress? Here are some hacks.

Choose Items That Has Warehouse Near Your Target Audience

When the stocks item is within the area of your target audience, shipping time lessens. How can you spot one? Search for the products that you are looking for, then click on the “Ship from” box located below the search tab. There are options there where the items will originate or will be shipped.

Take the Opportunity of the 2-Day Shipping.

Aliexpress has these merchants who offer 2-day shipping, but what does this mean?

2-day shipping program of Aliexpress means that the item is ready to ship within two days, and not that it will arrive within two days. Once the order is placed, the fulfillment center will process the order from picking to shipping it to the customer.

Some merchants in Aliexpress would take a week to ship the item, plus the shipping time until it reached your customer.

Choose The Best Courier Within Your Customer’s Area

Know that every country has its best shipping company, and every merchant must know about this. Although international shipping companies are also present within the vicinity, it best to know which one works or ships faster.

Aliexpress offers a wide array of shipping methods every customer worldwide can choose.

A Few Notes

With the current situation right now, expect that there are delays due to the strict guidelines of the government. With this in mind, every merchant must know the current guidelines being imposed by the government of their target area prior to shipping the items. Know that in some other countries or areas, they have particular products restricted for the time being.

Furthermore, you may ask the merchant whom you are transacting with if they have encountered problems shipping items in your target area over the past month for your guide and also to plan out your strategy with your customers.

As compared with its sister company, Alibaba, Aliexpress ships faster since the items are very light plus it has a lot of fulfillment centers worldwide.

Are you into Aliexpress and still worrying about the shipping time? We can help you with that. We are willing to discuss with you how we can help you with your logistics problem.