Product Shipping From China: What you Need to Know NOW

UPDATE: Due to the COVID19 pandemic, delay in shipping is expected. Some countries restricted their transactions with China products, but as per the World Health Organization, coronavirus DOES NOT survive long on objects.

China is a haven for entrepreneurs and aspiring merchants because, aside from they offer a variety of products you can choose to sell, they are pretty cheap too. You can either order a piece or purchase a wholesale, and the more products your buy, the more discount you are going to get. However, is it safe to import products from China despite the pandemic? What should you know about the current importing procedure from China? Here are some ideas.


Is it Safe to Import Products from China Right Now?


Most of the importers are scared to import because of the pandemic. One of the issues that merchants are facing is their customers might lose interest when they find out that the product is from China, of course. Contamination is one of the reasons why importers are afraid to get their products from China, but there is an answer to that.

As per the World Health Organization (WHO) advisory, coronavirus does not survive long on objects. So, it is safe to get products from China since it will take days to a week before the product arrives at your doorstep. However, it is better to still disinfect your package before bringing it inside your home.


Secure Proper Documents and Licenses


For those who are importing products, make sure that you have proper documents on hand to lessen that hassle in customs. However, there are some products and product quantities that you don’t need import license; it’s better to know whether you need it or not before getting products from China.

Another thing to do before importing products from China is to know whether your country or area has advisory regarding the packages coming from China.


Shipping Software Tracker


Most of the shipping companies in China are secured. They have shipping tracking software where the customers can track where their package realtime. Although there are still some shipping companies are using third-party shipping software, there are also companies who already have their shipping software.


Taxes and Other Fees


Like other businesses, there are also taxes to be paid for importers. One of which is the customs tax, importing fee, and the shipping fee. Although it may freak out most importers, the fees collected vary on the quantity of the products as well as weight. However, the import fee from China is not that expensive. When starting to import products from China, it is better to get research further on where to outsource your products, which delivery company you will get, and the fees that you need to pay.


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