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Updated note: With COVID-19 (Coronavirus) evolving at such a rapid pace, we want to help you maintain your current operations especially as the situation worsens in North America and Europe. Here at ZhenHub, we have 3 Hong Kong – based fulfillment centers open and operating at full capacity. If you need help with fulfillment fast, request a quote here.


Are you experiencing shipping delays or worse, your fulfillment center is about to close temporarily?

As the situation worsens in North America, eCommerce retailers are pivoting to Asia and the Rest of the World as they see international volumes grow. If you’re getting lots of orders from international countries or looking to open another fulfillment center to diversify your risk, then you need the best Hong Kong fulfillment service that will help meet your customer expectations.

69% of shoppers will ditch a retailer for another brand due to late or inaccurate deliveries, according to Website Magazine. How come other eCommerce retailers can maintain their operations? How come despite Hong Kong Post closing services to countries around the world like Canada, businesses can still maintain their operations. ZhenHub through our extensive network can make sure you are still operating and navigate these difficult times. Here’s the guide you need!

Should you outsource Hong Kong fulfillment services?

As a retailer, it’s either you process customer orders from a single warehouse or you outsource to a 3PL with multiple fulfillment centers located strategically around the world.

While the former makes sense when once upon a time all of your orders came from a single country but as the global situation changes, you’ll need a 3PL with multiple fulfillment centers globally if your customer base extends beyond your original market.

Up to 74% of online shoppers may abandon their carts due to high delivery charges. Many more would stop short of buying because of their estimated delivery date expectations.

Adopting distributed inventory, in this case, makes it possible to reduce shipping zones, transit time, and shipping costs for your customers, since their orders will always be processed from the fulfillment centers nearest to them.

Hear from a ZhenHub customer in Hong Kong

ZhenHub has helped thousands of brands based around the world ship from its fulfillment center in Hong Kong. Hear from one Hong Kong-based company.

“Hong Kong was a natural location for my business as I needed to deliver my products to my global customer base. This was more so the case after the turmoil. I am lucky that I had a fulfillment center that was operational and was also able to provide quick alternative solutions whenever certain shipping carriers stopped services to certain countries. I couldn’t have continued without ZhenHub”

Angelique Fernandez, Founder of Baby Heart

The following scenarios should make you consider outsourcing your Hong Kong fulfillment services to a reliable 3PL provider like ZhenHub;

  • Your business has grown and you’re taking in many orders so you don’t want to waste your precious time and budget on order fulfillment;
  • You know that customers would leave due to your inability to offer fast and affordable shipping but you just don’t know how to do this;
  • You don’t have the time, budget, or resources to build distribution centers for your business.

In any of these cases, you’ll be better off with a 3PL provider like ZhenHub, that will bring all of the shipping and logistics expertise you need along with the manpower, infrastructure, and technology to make order fulfillment a much faster, cost-effective, and more pleasurable experience for customers in and outside Hong Kong.

Choosing ZhenHub as your 3PL fulfillment center

Order fulfillment will play a huge role in shaping the customer experience. That’s why this should not be treated with levity so you don’t jeopardize customer loyalty and retention.

The simple answer to winning with order fulfillment is to use multiple fulfillment centers.

Even, when you’re providing free shipping, the majority of customers still want their orders delivered no later than three to four days. This is why partnering with a 3PL fulfillment expert like ZhenHub can help you win in the complicated world of ecommerce. 

Aside from having multiple warehouses in Hong Kong, the provider boasts multiple strategic warehouses and fulfillment centers spread strategically across the globe in all major regions – China, Australia, Japan, USA, UK, Italy, France, Germany, Philippines and Korea. That means you’ll always be able to process orders from outside Hong Kong just as fast and accurate as those within Hong Kong. No compromise!

How ZhenHub’s fulfillment service works

What ZhenHub does is to help simplify this process so you can focus on other things that matter.

We’re able to leverage our infrastructure, manpower, expertise, and technology innovations to relieve you of order fulfillment while still making the process much more efficient.

But how do we do this?

  1. You’ll start by connecting our (ZhenHub’s) technology to your ecommerce business platform. Fortunately, the ZhenHub system seamlessly integrates with major ecommerce platforms from the likes of Amazon to Shopify, Woocommerce, and more.
  2. After this, your products will then have to be shipped to our fulfillment centers. Here, they’ll be closer to your customers. As soon as orders are placed at your store, we’ll be notified immediately so we can begin the fulfillment process.
  3. Once we get the notification, we’ll generate the picking lists as well as the packing slips.

Thereafter, we’ll proceed to prepare and ship the order to the right customer, along with the tracking information. According to BRP Consulting, up to 73% of consumers want to be able to track their orders at all points. So this is a great investment in the customer service experience.

Benefits of ZhenHub’s fulfillment services

ZhenHub’s ecommerce fulfillment services bring a lot of value to the table. Some of these include;

  • The availability of multiple warehouses and fulfillment centers making it possible to ship out orders not just at low costs but also for fast delivery times to and outside Hong Kong.
  • Cost-effective shipping making it much easier to offer free or discounted shipping for the customers who continue to expect these;
  • Readily available infrastructure and manpower, along with high-tech automation that frees you of key fulfillment processes so you have more time to focus on marketing and other key aspects of growing your business;
  • Greater visibility with real-time inventory tracking;
  • Easy and hassle-free order management practices along with the availability of custom packaging and branding.

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Is it the right time for your business to outsource order fulfillment?

You want your ecommerce business to continue to draw in more customers to your great product offerings. That’s why you need a model order fulfillment service like ZhenHub’s that’s flexible, smooth, and well-outlined to meet and/or exceed customer expectations.

  • ZhenHub integrates seamlessly with all of your major ecommerce business platforms.
  • The 3PL also works with multiple carriers so you can always get the best since shipping costs are also a very important piece of the order fulfillment puzzle.
  • If you want to incorporate branding into the customer’s unboxing and overall experience, ZhenHub still offers custom branding and packaging, available on request.

Whether you’re trying to effectively meet the fulfillment needs of your Hong Kong and Asia Pacific customers, or trying to expand into key markets across the country, or across international boundaries, ZhenHub will always be there to help you make a light work of order fulfillment.

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