Different Fulfillment Centers in China
and What You Need to Know

Inventory, Storage, Packing, and Shipping – these are the daunting tasks every merchant needs to do daily. Aside from that, customer service and product returns are additional tasks that every merchant must do to satisfy their customers, that’s a lot! However, fulfillment centers are here to help every seller worldwide.

The usual task of the merchant does not only take a lot of time, but it also hinders the growth of their business; thus, sellers need to get help from fulfillment services. But what are the different fulfillment centers being offered? Here are some.


Ecommerce Order Fulfillment


Order fulfillment is the process of receiving, storing, processing, and shipping of orders to the end customers all in one service. The order fulfillment service is suitable for online retail companies. This process takes care of everything for the merchant and allows them to focus on their business. If you are looking for an ecommerce fulfillment center in China, you can request a quote with ZhenHub.


Pick n’ Pack Fulfillment


As opposed to the order fulfillment, this type of fulfillment service is only picking and packing the products alone – nothing else. This means the merchant has to organize their own shipping or trucking. Possibly provide the software system and a method of doing pick and pack. Beyond that, the merchant will be responsible. It is not the best operational mode for the merchant.




Warehousing is just storing the products on your behalf – nothing more, nothing less. Generally a lot of larger retailers will only require short term or long term storage of some goods. Whilst they wait to consolidate with other items coming in.

Compared to the two aforementioned, this is the cheapest fulfillment service since the merchant will only pay for the warehousing fee because that’s the only service that the company is providing for them.


China Fulfillment: How Does it Work?


Fulfillment service in China is the same as anywhere in the world, but one thing they are famous for is their drop-shipping fulfillment.

In China, like in any other country, drop-shipping is a well-known business since it does not require capital to start operating; in fact, you can dropship without releasing a penny from your pocket. However, is dropshipping dead right now?

With the current situation all over the world, dropshipping is in-demand since people are looking to purchase products online due to lockdown. There are many benefits to dropshipping directly from China.

  1. You are closer to your product origin and so you can do quicker iterations of your product
  2. You can operate an almost “Just in Time” model
  3. Your cashflow is better since you don’t need to hold up your capital in goods sitting in an Ocean container for at least 30 days


How to Choose the Best Fulfillment Center in China?


As aforementioned, fulfillment centers in China are the same as other countries; however, in choosing the best fulfillment center for your business, you must know its reputation and weigh in the good and bad reviews.

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