China Dropshipping:
Effects of the Pandemic on China Importers

With the current pandemic, there are a lot of small business owners and even importers who are having doubts about outsourcing their products manufacturing to China.

Although the World Health Organization (WHO) shared information about minimal transmission of COVID-19 on products or packaging, there are still importers who have opted to move their supply chain out of China, which may be more expensive. But the question is: is it safe to import products from China nowadays? We have created a list of questions that every importer or drop shipper must ask when importing goods from China.


Is Dropshipping Dead Now?


Dropshipping is not dead. In fact, as the unemployment rate rises around the globe, people are resorting to a more convenient way to earn money – and dropshipping is one of these ways.

With dropshipping, anyone can start with very minimal capital investment. Dropshipping doesn’t require warehousing, and the supplier or manufacturer will do the fulfillment on behalf of the merchants. Ecommerce has in fact grown significantly during the Pandemic due to lockdowns around the world. Most retail has now moved online.


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What is the Expected Delivery Time?


With the current situation, delays are to be expected with the shipping time. But how long is this delay? Answer is – It depends.

Some shipping companies still deliver on-time despite the pandemic, while some already released statements about their service inconvenience. In this time, especially for start-ups, you have to be mindful and research on which shipping company you should trust. This is where ZhenHub can assist your company. We have had shipping companies suspend their services for certain countries or even experienced major delays. However with other shipping companies, operations was still running normally. Our system and variety of services helped our customers quickly adapt to the changing situation and maintain their operations despite the existing shipping difficulties.


Why is China a great place to dropship from?


Majority of the most successful merchants dropship from China. This is a fact, you can source products, faster, cheaper and even place your own logo on goods quickly. You can then maximize your profit. The other thing is, shipping services to all major regions from China is extremely cost effective. From any other country, your shipping costs could be 20-50% more expensive.


Furthermore, there are a number of platforms like Aliexpress, Eprolo etc. that has a wide range of products for you to choose from. Not only are these trending or new products, the low price allows the dropshipper to carve out their own niche market very easily.


Should You Start Dropshipping from China?


The question is, why haven’t you started it yet? Yes, we all know that it’s risky, but it’s still worth the try. With a little to no investment, you can earn at the comfort of your home. Some might think this is not yet the right time but think again. Remember, most people are looking for products online right now than to drive downtown.


Interested in dropshipping and how to grow your online business from China? We can help you! Leave your contact details below and expect a call from us within 24 hours.