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Amazon Repricing Strategies All Sellers Need to Know


According to studies, product price is the top consumer consideration when making a purchase decision. Eighty-six percent (86%) of shoppers would willingly compare prices for the same product from different sellers to get the best deals. Most sellers assume that offering a product for the lowest price is the best … Read more

The 5 Order Fulfillment Process Steps


Order fulfillment is a crucial part of running a successful eCommerce business. But for those new to the industry, the scale of the process can get complex and hard to grasp. The order fulfillment process steps involve more than ensuring packages get to customers on time. It entails almost all … Read more

How to Reduce International Shipping Costs in 2022


eCommerce is one of the greatest innovations of the 21st century. The industry has shattered geographical borders, making the world smaller and more accessible. For the first time in history, consumers have access to products that were previously out of their reach. Distance or country of origin is no hindrance … Read more

Tips to Avoid the Chinese New Year Shipping Delays


The western holidays might be over (that’s November and December); however, the holiday season is just ramping up in China. Chinese New Year is less than a month away. If you’ve read our previous article on essential holidays and their shipping season challenges, now’s the time for online retailers and … Read more

Amazon Brand Registry Requirements


Amazon has become an essential tool for online sellers of all scales. The marketplace has allowed small and medium business owners to compete globally and expand their reach. On average, retailers on the platform enjoy at least a 16 – 20% profit margin.  Maintaining a presence on Amazon is lucrative. … Read more

What is Ground Shipping?


Shipping and delivery are the backbones of the eCommerce industry. Having an efficient shipping process is at the core of online shopping convenience. However, shipping is costly. In fact, it is the most expensive part of the logistics supply chain for most retailers, as over 50% of logistics costs go … Read more

Tips on Creating a Great Amazon Storefront


Maintaining a presence on Amazon can be the next best (if not profitable) step for most online retailers. Almost 200 million customers visit the marketplace each month. Selling on the platform could take an operation to the next level.  But making it happen though isn’t easy. Sellers need to do … Read more

A Quick Guide on Fulfilled by Amazon Returns and Refunds Policy

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While often overlooked, returns, refunds, and exchanges can hugely impact an eCommerce business. Most customers consider the ease of returns in their buying decisions. Sixty-seven percent (67%) of consumers check a retailer’s returns policy before purchasing. Likewise, 92% of buyers would make a return purchase from an eCommerce store if … Read more

How to Earn More Amazon Seller Reviews


Consumers, nowadays, are a different breed. Since they have ready access to information, they have become more conscientious and discerning customers. So today, brands can’t rely solely on billboards and television commercials to capture an engaged audience and turn a profit.  With eCommerce and the capability to post online feedback … Read more

The Top 3 Wholesale Products to Sell on Amazon


At the time of writing, there were 1.53 million active sellers on Amazon worldwide. That’s why it’s the no.1 global marketplace. Last year, more than half a million retailers started selling on the world’s top marketplace. At an average of 1,592 new sellers every day, the competition within the platform … Read more

Amazon FBA Inventory Storage Limit 2021


Amazon remains incredibly helpful for smaller and medium businesses competing on a global stage. The marketplace has allowed them to broaden their market reach and increase profit margins. But Amazon is notorious for throwing its sellers for a loop with constant updates and changes on their policies.  The platform recently … Read more

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