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The Basics of Inventory Accounting (Updated 2021)

inventory accounting

Inventory is one of the essential facets of the global economy. Contrary to popular belief, inventory isn’t merely the items that a company has on hand and are ready to be sold. It is a form of a business asset that can affect cash flow, production cost, and overall profitability.  … Read more

The Ultimate VAT Guide for Ecommerce Retailers in Europe

Reading time:  3 min 45s  The Ultimate VAT Guide for Ecommerce Retailers in Europe The EU is a massive market for retail sales. But ecommerce retailers have to understand the basics of EU VAT rules along with applicable VAT on online sales when selling into Europe. This is important to … Read more

6 Ways to Lower Shopping Cart Abandonment Rates

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What is shopping cart abandonment?  Shopping cart abandonment is a term used in eCommerce to describe when consumers add items to cart only to drop off the site without completing the purchase. It is one of the biggest challenges retailers face. In fact, according to a study done by Finances … Read more

The 2021 Guide to Getting Import License in China


China has been the world’s top exporter for over a decade. In 2013, the Asian powerhouse became the world’s largest trading nation – finally usurping the United States that held the position for years. While China is the world’s no.1 marketplace, importing goods is as lucrative as exporting Chinese manufactured … Read more

Warehouse Management System: How Zhenhub’s WMS Can Help Your Business


As the internet transformed the way people purchase, businesses also need to adapt and meet changing customer expectations. The constant evolution in eCommerce is exactly how innovations like tech-powered fulfillment solutions came to be. One prime example of this is the warehouse management system (WMS). What is a warehouse management … Read more

The Difference Between Mail and Courier Shipping Services


The Difference Between Mail and Courier Shipping Online retailers have made it possible for consumers to shop from the comfort of their homes. The convenience of getting products delivered right at their doorstep is what they pay for, so it’s a merchant’s responsibility to ensure it happens the way it … Read more

The Definitive Guide to Self Order Fulfillment

Reading time:  3 min 15 secs  Your -commerce business success will depend on how well you’re able to handle all of the responsibilities involved. A lot will be required, from manufacturing or sourcing your products to effective branding and marketing, shipping and logistics, customer service, and more. There’s a lot … Read more

How will the Coronavirus Outbreak Impact the Global Supply Chain?

Reading time:  3 min 45s  China plays a key role in the global supply chain. Its place as a manufacturing hub means that businesses across the world and most especially, ecommerce and retail businesses are heavily reliant on it for their operations. What then happens when a global health crisis … Read more

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