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Best Option for Amazon FBA During Pandemic

As of this writing, the number of people who got COVID-19 surpasses 15,000,000, and the death toll passed 630,000 worldwide. Some countries already resumed their economic activities, while others still don’t have any idea on when they could transition to the new normal while the pandemic still exists.


Due to the economy shut-down, many people resorted to pursuing an online business to earn income while following the protocols provided by their particular countries, however, one of the challenges of every E-commerce company nowadays is the delay of shipment as well as lost items.


Lately, some retailers selling on eBay and Amazon FBA are complaining about their items not being delivered on-time, and some were even declared lost. Delays and lost items will hardly impact the business though owners do not have any control over it, so how can you solve this? Try FULFILLMENT SERVICES!


What is the difference between Fulfillment and Fulfillment Center?


Most of the time, people are using these two terms interchangeably thinking, that they have the same meaning, but they don’t.

Fulfillment is the process of storing, picking & packing, and shipping the items to the rightful customers. Moreover, it also includes inventory management merchants gets notified of the number of stocks available. On the other hand, the fulfillment center is a warehouse where merchants can store their products.


How does Fulfillment work?


Fulfillment is not that complicated. From the word itself, it fulfills and solves the gaps that every merchant needs to do when it comes to the logistics aspect of their business, how? Here’s how it works.


  1. Inventory is being delivered to fulfillment centers where it will be stored and managed.
  2. Once a customer orders a product, the fulfillment center will then pick, pack, and ship the items directly to the customer.
  3. Once the shipment proceeded, a tracking number will be given to the customer for them to track their parcels.
  4. When there are disputes regarding the product, fulfillment centers are the ones in-charge of solving the issue.
  5. Fulfillment centers are also notifying the merchant about the current inventory of the items in the warehouse.


Why Fulfillment is Important to Merchants?


Some small business owners might think that putting their products to fulfillment centers is just a waste of money. Merchants will pay a small fee for the storage and shipment of the items, but it’s way beyond that.

Fulfillment center helps every retail company to organize their inventory, pack the items, and deliver it to the right customers all in one fee. It helps every business owner to save space or pay a rental for warehouse plus shipment and putting a lot of time packing the items. Moreover, fulfillment centers are the ones who arrange the shipping wherever it is since they partners with various logistics companies – hassle-free, right?

With a very minimal fee, merchants can relax and need not worry about the inventory management and outsourcing shipping companies whom they can rely on.


Fulfillment for Small Business Owners


Startups and small business owners may have hindrances in acquiring fulfillment services due to the pile of reports concerning the Amazon FBAs services over the past months. However, there are still alternative Amazon FBA services which even small business owners can avail at a lower cost and also efficient despite the pandemic.


Zhenhub, is a logistics company providing the best fulfillment services with 20 fulfillment center hubs all over the world. For the past years, Zhenhub partnered with various shipping companies to ensure timely and efficient services to every merchant across the globe.


If you want to know more about Zhenhub’s fulfillment services, you may contact us for more information and a quotation regarding the fulfillment service we offer.