Top 5 Alternatives to
AliExpress Shipping

As a retailer, we want our items to be shipped fast to our customers and even to us. Although there is an expected delay in the deliveries due to the current situation, as a merchant, you can cut the delays by finding the best alternative to get the item delivered to your customers.


Customers can be too demanding, and they are entitled to be one since they have already paid on their orders so, it has to arrive on the said date that your supplier promised. Remember that customers do not care or will not blame the shipping company for their delayed items, but they are going to mark their frustrations on your store as a review – and you don’t want that. So how can you solve this problem?


AliExpress is one of the well-known dropshipping websites in China that offer low price products from China that delivers to any point in the world. However, there were some reports that it can take up to eight weeks for the items to arrive at your end customer, and that’s frustrating.


Shipping time can have an impact on any business, especially with E-commerce. Not all customers would be able to understand the delays of shipment. Once they placed an order, there is an estimated delivery time posted; however, if you try to lessen the shipping time by finding the best alternatives, your customers will surely get back to your store to purchase more. But how can you do that? Here are some other options to AliExpress Shipping and how to expedite your shipping.




Let’s not go far yet, Alibaba is a sister company of AliExpress that focuses on wholesale products.

Alibaba is China’s prominent wholesale e-commerce website that offers affordable pricing with fast shipping worldwide. Unlike her sister, there is a minimum order quantity when you decided to place an order. However, some merchants allow single orders for those who are interested in testing their products before placing large quantity orders.


Pros and Cons of Alibaba


As aforementioned, Alibaba focuses on wholesale; thus, one of its downsides is they have a high minimum order. Usually, the minimum order required for some merchants is at least 10, depending on what item it is up to 100.


Despite the minimum order requirement, product offers in Alibaba are cheaper compared to any other platforms. Sometimes, merchants would even offer discounts, especially for first-time buyers.


Another good point in Alibaba is that they have a large variety of products you can choose. For a particular product, expect that you can select from tens to even thousands of merchants offering the same product with sometimes a little difference in the pricing.


Registering and using the platform is free of use; no need to pay for anything before you can check out the listings that they are offering.

However, some merchants may take some time to respond to your queries that also happens in other platforms of the same niche.




Another famous and biggest China E-commerce site next to AliExpress is Taobao.

Taobao, owned by Alibaba, focuses on the B2C niche catering Chinese manufacturers. This platform offers low price commodities with a vast category to choose.


Pros and Cons of Taobao


One of the cons of Taobao is that only a few merchants from this platform offer international shipping. You need to contact the seller to ensure that they can ship to your target location. Taobao focuses on the Chinese market.


Prices are pretty cheap compared to its sister company, AliExpress.

Dropshipping is also available on this platform; however, you should contact the merchant regarding their guidelines and area coverage before proceeding with it.

Shipping is also relatively fast for some merchants who ship internationally, and the products are also in good quality.

Despite focusing on the Chinese market, surprisingly, one of their payment methods is Paypal.




One of the competitors of AliExpress is Bangood. Just like in AliExpress, Bangood offers low product pricing, and they also have a dropshipping option for those who wish to sell their products in their store.


Banggood has a wide variety of listings from clothing, gadgets, home and decor, accessories, health and beauty, and a lot more.

The usual delivery time takes only 7 days to 30 days since they have a lot of shipping methods you can choose.


Pros and Cons of Banggood


The payment method is one of the advantages of Banggood over other e-commerce sites in China. Aside from accepting Paypal payments, they also offer COD or Cash On Delivery for some regions; this is very convenient and scam-proof at the same time.


Shipping time is faster here as it has various shipping methods everyone can choose from, and one of them is ePacket, which is known as one of the most expedite shipping types among them all.


Prices of the products here are relatively cheap, and there is a vast number of listings available. There are a lot of products you can choose from plus you can talk directly to the supplier about the products they are offering.




Another E-commerce site that has enormous listings of electronics and gadgets is DX or formerly known as Deal Exchange.

Although electronics and gadgets are their focus, you can also find other products offered, such as home and decor, apparel, accessories, automobile, and a lot more.

One of the features DX is proud of is they can ship your item in just one day – that fast; this is one of the services that every drop shippers would wish their supplier do have.


Pros and Cons of DX


DX accepts Paypal and credit card payments on their platform.

Shipping is possible in a single day. However, this can be possible if you are near to the manufacturers or merchants, but usual shipping would take up to 15 days – still faster compared to AliExpress.


DX offers some deals that you can take advantage of; you have to watch out for these promos as it can help you save with your order.


Some Tips in Choosing the Best Alternative


Before you ditch AliExpress and choose other platforms instead, take note of the following:


  • Scammers are everywhere, especially if the platform offers free of charge when it comes to selling their items.
  • Always look at the review first before contacting the supplier, you can get some questions that you can ask that supplier for a smooth transaction.
  • Contact the supplier first about their guidelines on dropshipping and if they have a minimum order quantity to avail of the discount.
  • With the current situation, you may ask your supplier about their shipping issues on your target area.
  • Never deal with a supplier who asks for different payment method than the ones offered on the platform.


We understand that most of the drop shippers are having problems with the shipment of the items their customer ordered, and it frustrates them whenever the customer would leave negative feedback about delayed shipping. However, this can be avoided by being transparent to your customers.


Logistics is vital to every e-commerce business all over the world. A single delay in shipping would cost the entire reputation of the company; thus, it is best to choose the fastest, reliable, and efficient logistics partner to encourage more customers to shop in your store.