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How 3PL Management Can Help You Control Logistics Costs


Merchants understand the importance of logistics and how it can impact their business. eCommerce, for example, is an incredibly lucrative business today. According to a report, revenues could reach US$ 5.4 trillion in 2022. 3PL services will become more crucial as companies try to get a piece of the … Read more

7 Signs You Need a 3PL Partner


Experiencing exponential growth for an eCommerce company is great, but it does have its drawbacks. On the plus side, there is demand for the product, and marketing efforts are working. But managing exponential growth without developing a logistics strategy to account for the increase in orders could be problematic. A … Read more

3PL Functions: What does a 3PL company really do?


Running an eCommerce business can be challenging. Today, 18% of all purchases in the world happen online, and more than 2.14 billion people are digital buyers. That’s 26% of the world population.  And yet, 22% of online operations do not survive their first year. There are plenty of factors that … Read more

5 Benefits of Outsourcing Order Fulfillment to 3PLs


One of the decisions retailers face when business is growing is whether outsourcing order fulfillment is the way to go. It is a big step for any merchant, especially since tapping the help of a fulfillment center means spending money.  This article aims to answer the only question sellers have … Read more

5 Signs It’s Time to Switch 3PL Providers


3PL Providers: Who They Are and What They Do The order volume of start-up eCommerce businesses is often low, making it easily manageable through self-order fulfillment. On the other hand, scaling online stores often find it much more efficient to outsource the complete order fulfillment process to third-party logistics companies … Read more

The Importance of Real-Time Inventory Tracking

inventory tracking

Inventory tracking is one of the most challenging aspects of running a successful and efficient eCommerce business. It can be akin to moving furniture with a grocery cart. Ideally, a logistics system can show you exactly how much inventory you have, allowing you to excel in supply chain management planning. … Read more

The 3 Order Fulfillment Strategies: Which One is Right for You?


Order fulfillment is a crucial component of every successful eCommerce company. It is an essential logistics component because it focuses on delivering your product where it needs to be: in the hands of your customers. Products must be delivered as quickly, cheaply, and efficiently as possible. It’s critical for developing … Read more

Everything You Need to Know About Shipping to Thailand


Expanding your eCommerce operations into Thailand opens up many exciting business opportunities. In 2021, Thailand’s eCommerce generated $8.5 billion in revenues. Every year, eCommerce in Thailand grows, and new businesses are forming. Statista projects the local eCommerce market value to be $20.90bn by the end of 2023. Online platforms are … Read more

Everything You Need to Know About Shipping to the Philippines

shipping to the philippines

There is an incredible business opportunity to invest in the Philippine eCommerce sector. Almost 86% of Filipinos use the internet to purchase through local eCommerce apps – that’s enough reason to start thinking about shipping to the Philippines. Additionally, there is a market for cross-border eCommerce because of the nation’s … Read more

Five Benefits of Foreign Trade Zones


eCommerce companies constantly search for ways to reduce costs and optimize operational efficiency. The fast-paced online shopping industry is growing every day with high customer expectations. Many multinational companies are taking advantage of using foreign trade zones (FTZ).  Foreign Trade Zones (FTZs) are designated areas close to U.S. ports of … Read more

Economic Order Quantity: Definition and Formula


Managers and retailers sometimes have difficulty finding the best amount for stock replenishment for a particular item in daily operations. Order quantity is serious. Ordering fewer things might lead to an out-of-stock situation, while ordering fewer items raises your holding costs. Both are detrimental to any business and ought to … Read more

Aged Inventory Report: What It Is and Why It Matters


It’s incredibly satisfying as a business owner to see your goods flying off the shelves and having enough stock to fill every order. But consider the opposite; when SKUs gather dust in your warehouse. Stagnant or excessive inventory can result in significant problems, such as rising storage costs and dwindling … Read more